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  1. Unhide old sweep?

    Hero! Thanks alot! <3
  2. Transforming points along curve?

    I swear, best community in the known universe. Thanks alot Ultraman! Lots of useful stuff you added there, appreciate it
  3. Hey guys, how can i use the old Sweep node? i cant find it in textport unhide sop please help me
  4. Hello Wizards! Im not entirely new to houdini. But i am struggling with this simple thing. I need to transform points along curve in an animation. So pt1 should transform then pt2 etc Ive done a little example here with bouding boxes but id like to drive it with an expression or attribute (i have curveu but i cant seem to transform using it) Question.hip
  5. Forloop in a Forloop

    Big Thanks Tomas! Now when i look at it seems so obvious and why didnt i just do it this way. havent used forloops much in Houdini. The inverted intersections seem to be a problem of the point order of the intersection points, trying to figure out a way to sort them for all to be normal. Still havent figured that one out yet, i just know that if i press reverse point sort it fixes some of them, so i am guessing the isue is the point order. Thank you!!!
  6. Hello Houdini geniouses! I have a setup that im almost done with here, but i am struggling to finish it, because im having a hard time combining two forloops... Can anyone take a look and see what obvious thing im missing? Am i going about this the wrong way? I am doing the tutorial from COMPLEX ROADS IN HOUDINI - Dokai But i want to be able to make more than one intersection, so ive figured out which part i need to loop over but i just cannot combine the two forloops... IntersectionsForLoops2.hipnc
  7. Generating Roads from OSM Splines

    Care! Obozavam te, ti mi uvek dodjes u spas!
  8. Hello best community on this planet I am working with the gamedevtoolset to try to generate roads. I am having some luck but not controllable as i would like. I would like to be able to use profile curves on these complex curves. Ive attached a simple setup with the gamedevtoolset, and also the OSM map i am using. The problem comes when trying to sweep these complex curves. I am not sure if there is some easier way to do this, ive tried using the sweep sop together with polyframe to give up attribute to the curve but it is proving to be extremely difficult to create a nice looking road. Any advice or nudge in the right direction is immensely appreciated. test.hipnc vesteros.osm
  9. Circle Normals

    You are a hero. Hvala ti od srca! Thanks for the heads up and info! Appreciate it alot!
  10. Circle Normals

    Hi amazing houdini people! This is driving me insane, ive been using polyframe to add normal directions to points on a curve when i scatter onto it. But when i use the same technique on a circle i always have to fuse points and then im left with this. Driving me insane, how do i fix the circle normals??
  11. Noise on ramp transition (edge)

    Hello again! I was trying out your setup, it works for all intents and purposes. I am just wondering if there are other ways to accomplish this?
  12. Noise on ramp transition (edge)

    Wow! Thanks so much! I will pick this apart, BIG thanks Velur!!
  13. Hello amazing Houdini people! I have been struggling with what i thought would be an easy thing to do. (It probably is but my brain cant figure it out) In the image below you can see a unified noise (static) being multiplied with ramp paramater. Output becomes then noised ramp. What i want to achieve is noise ONLY on the edge of the ramp. Kind of like growth. Any advice? Losing my mind here have been using fit and clamps but cant seem to do it. One thing to note is taht im not actually animating the ramp, im animating the UV coordinates.
  14. Hello guys, been lurking for some time while learning houdini. Still quite noobish tbh I am making a big scattering setup with lots of imported fbx objects. The fbx objects all have fbx surface shaders on them that i would like to convert to principled shaders. Is there some good way of doing this without scripting? maybe i can use TOPS for this, but i feel like that way above my head right now.