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  1. Company information RYOT is an immersive media company that specializes in making exceptional, premium video content I both traditional and emerging formats. As one of the most prolific virtual reality and content studios in the world, RYOT was acquired by Huffington Post in 2016, and is now part of the Verizon Media family (OATH:), whose digital reach is over one billion monthly global consumers. RYOT Lab is the immersive content division of Verizon and Oath. We are responsible for creating next generation experiences to enhance our family of brands. Job Description We're looking for a senior houdini artist to help us complete a houdini project that takes as input a greenscreen video and converts it to an animated cardboard cutout mesh. This project is 90% done but we need a senior artist to come in and help us complete it. Example of current output: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxYOAz86zlLvTEVDdzBWbU4wOUE Please apply by emailing herve@ryot.org and telling us a bit about how you would approach this problem. Please also include a link to your demoreel.
  2. HuffingtonPost RYOT is looking for a freelance Houdini artist for a Unity AR project. The bulk of the work will be in Houdini and we're looking for someone who can take a greenscreen video, key out the green and use the resulting video texture to generate a textured mesh. The video is a person talking to the screen. We need to generate a 3d cardboard cutout of that person's outline as they talk and move around. That resulting textured and animated mesh will be used in a Unity AR project. Imagine the following cardboard cutout: but with more depth and driven by a video texture of a person in front of a green screen.