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  1. Vellum's bend-stiffness control

    yes, that's true. Question would be how to attach leaves/fruits on tips of branches. If anyone find tutorials shows how to create/construct real tree, instead of using the speed-tree, it would be great!! Or if you can just tell me how to detect the end of wires or tips of branches, it would be very helpful, too. I think I have to use VEX like a primvertexcount in order to find points that share only one vertex, which should be tips or beginning of root.
  2. Vellum's bend-stiffness control

    To AtomicPerception Thanks for your reply. I took a look at your file, too. So far, important parameters to keep not-bending are: resample node > max segments 1 or 2 (more than 3 are bending a lot) GroupExpression node > @P.y<0.25 0r 0.5 (How many particles to pins also effects a lot. In other words, Pinning only a root particle is not enough) vellumconstraints(hair) > stiffness 1e+10 and dampingRatio=0.1 is pretty good. (1.0 makes bend a lot. 0.01 makes to keep moving/shaking.) VellumSolver node > set constraintIte and substeps larger numbers make less bending After that, I added subdivide node, instead of resample. Then wire gets smooth&curvy.
  3. Vellum's bend-stiffness control

    To Vusta Thanks for you reply. Yeah, I tried your hip file. Motion is very unstable and animation never stop. I think we need something new ideas to make a wire simulation. Otherwise I need to cheat to set gravity zero. Of course, the stretch prevention is so much better than a traditional wire sim. I was thinking vellum could replace the wire sim but maybe not...
  4. Vellum's bend-stiffness control

    hi, I try to use vellum in order to create TreeFX. Then I took two tests with Lsystem, and vellumsolver with wind and standard gravity: 1 - apply polywire and vellumCloth. 2 - apply just vellumHair I set bend stiffness a very large number for the both tests, but branch still bend so much, cannot make stiff well. Setting more substep helps not to bend, but not enough. Does anyone succeed to control bend parameter very well? vellum_v0002.hipnc
  5. hi, I am looking for a way to change a node name automatically by parameter change. For instance, there is a fetch node. When connecting file cache node into source parameter, I want to change fetch's name to the file node's name. To do it, at first, I am trying to use python events. However, any events don't trigger setName code. Thus, I'd like to know how to use these python events, and know how to change node name by parameter change/update. Thanks!
  6. hi, I am a python script beginner and have a quick qustion. I have a null node in rop which connects fetch nodes. The fetch nodes have linked fileCache pathes toward SOP. I'd like to know how to write python script, in order to change a float value in those cache nodes' UI value. I attached a captured picture and example hip file. If anyone knows how to write it, I would it. TST_000_000_fx_tsunami.v001.99.hip
  7. deadline customize question

    Hi, I have 4 pipeline questions for deadline. If anyone can answer these technical issues, I really appreciate it, thanks! 1. auto ifd delete Can we delete ifd file automatically after deadline finishes mantra rendering? I guess we don't have this feature as default, and need to create and send a external script file to deadline?? 2. save hip file and "submit to deadline" When hitting the button"submit To deadline", can we create a pop-up message like a "save hip file before submit" if a hip file is not saved after modifying it? As default, because there is no such function, I sometimes forget to save a file before sending to deadline renderFarm. 3. auto cache path change by submission When submitting, I want to change cache path by script. When doing local sim, pre-render script takes care my python script to change cache. As the same way, I wonder how to execute or change cache path by deadline submission. 4. frame dependency for sim When making ifd and mantra jobs, I think deadline sets a frame dependency to mantra job. Then, I try to make a same system for flip sim and particleFluidSurface generation. For example, a flip sim has 100 frames. Normally deadline needs to wait for completion of that job and finally resume a particleFluidSurface job. However, I want to make frame dependency for particleFluidSurface job. Then, particleFluidSurface job can starts immediately from any frames after each frame of flip sim is done, instead of waiting for the end frame of flip sim. So far, I tried frame dependency in deadline, but it seems not working at all. How can we set up frame dependency for these sim situation? Also, can we add this frame dependency with deadline node in houdini ?
  8. Hi, I have a question about how oceanEvaluatenode in SOP, and ocean_samplelayers node in VOP/MAT pick and match up each spectrum and mask. For instance, I start from shell, ocean flat tank. And go to obj>flattank_fluid_extended. There are node network to create a bake_spectra and bake_masks cache file. They split , cache and merged them, and feed to oceanValuate. From there, I delete hifrequency_mask node and created 1 more oceanSpectrums and 1 more custom mask. After that, I don't know how to make a coupling/group of default spectrum & default mask, and sceond spectrum & customMask, before merging all spectrums and masks to output. There are primitive names, phase, frequency, amplitude, pointmask, mask in geometry spreadsheet. I guess they check primitive number or some group attribute to make each displacement group?? Also, what pointmask does do? Thanks!!
  9. Hi, I try to make my default set up. Then I want to make a auto-enable setting for staticObject node, instead of creating/deleting the node every time. This is because whitewater solver, for instance, makes a strange collision artifact if staticObject node does not get any collision objects from SOP. So far, I tried a enableSolver, switch node with if(nprims(surface)>0, 0, 1), etc. None of them works well. Alternatively I made to insert a dummy object in SOP, then the staticObject takes it to avoid artifact. We could unlock the staticObject node and implement nodes in there, but I want to avoid this way because it causes a file size larger. Does anyone have smart ideas to do auto-enable/bypass staticObject node?
  10. Hi, The picture shows an object , create > test geo > add velocity > vdbFromPolygon with vel field > visualize velocity. I wonder how to split velocity to tangent velocity and normal velocity. I guess we don't have a node to do it by one click, and need to work on volume vop/wrangle. If anyone knows how to do it, I will appreciate it, thanks!
  11. modify splash in FLIP sim by sink, pump, or pop-nodes

    Thank you, Bunker, for your tips. 1 - It sounds that we don't have so much chance to use pump and sink node operations. 3 - I will use droplet feature to just detect it, and use wrangle to control droplet externally. And, I am still wondering theoretical aspect like a my #1 question. Houdini'd FLIP is designed to modify the both of particles and field together, or just modify one of them.
  12. Hi, I have general questions about FLIP. For instance, there are splashes like an attached picture. If I want to change velocity or delete splash/spray, I think there are 3ways. The FLIP concept could make it tricky because FLIP contains particle and volume fields together. Thus, questions are: 1 - in general, if I want to change velocity or delete splash, do I need to modify the both of particles and field together? Or just modify one of them? 2 - It's kind of similar question as #1, but, when we use sinkFLIP and pump and sourceFLIP; 2a - pump seems to add velocity, but it's strange why source volume sets copy, and velocity sets normalized?? It should set source Volume none, and set velocity normalize OFF. Also, why don't we use pop node to change particle velocity directly?? 2b - sink seems to just kill particle, but why sourceVolume is maximum? It should be subtract although it's not exist.. And there is still surface volume exists after deleting particle... Can't we use just pop kill to remove waterVolume/splash? 3c - sourceFLIP looks just adding particle. I guess we can add velocity with particle together, then when it passes solver, it create water volume (surface field and vel field), then why don't we just use pop-source to add particle with velocity?? 3 - There is FLIP solver > particle motion > Droplets > and min/max particle Density. However, there is no density attribute. What density talks about and how they calculate density?? Thanks for reading a lot of questions!!
  13. how this "show surface" system work?

    vtrvtr, thank you so much for your reply. I tried your instruction, and my understanding is that it's required to : 1 HDA , not subnet 2 only SOP level I could wish to use it for a SOP subnet, but not avaliable. Anyway, that's good to know where this guide-geo from!
  14. hi, I have a question about this display function: white water source > visualization > show surface Then blue object shows up. I know this object represent VDB, but I wonder how this tool creates the visualization. I dig into >edit parameter interface, but cannot find any particular trick. At least I found a reference null node inside of the tool. Does anyone know how to create this visualization?
  15. can we get normalized curvature of a volume?

    Hi, LaidlawFX Thanks for your reply. I will write RFE to sidefx, thanks