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  1. how to make parent constraint in bullet sim

    Tomas, thanks for your advice. I don't install h18 yet, but I figured out how to fix by your hip file and comment. I think problem was SOP_solver and constraint_network nodes. It's kinda tricky to work them properly. This time I needed to turn on blur flag on relationship_geometry node in sop solver. I still don't completely understand sop solver node > dop_import node > objectMask parm, and constraintnet work node > relationship tab > constrained objects parm and attach internal constaint to object toggle. Sometimes I need to turn on/off or keep default, or write specific object names, etc. That lacks of fundamentals knowledge caused the problem this time.
  2. hi, I have a question about bullet sim's constraint. As a attached picture, I made a Glue constraint between active packed object and animated static packed object. When siming, I expect the bottom box start animating with constraint, like a parant. However, only the top box and one side of constraint point are moving. You might say to just make parent animation in SOP without bullet sim, but eventually I want to attach more fragment objects with soft constraints on the bottom part. I would appreciate for any helps, thanks!
  3. bullet metal bending by constraints

    hi, I have a question about bullet sim for metal bending. Goal is to able to bend many times by a certain condition. So far , I tried a couple of tests, but never work properly. Outline of my thought and trials are: - hit a box and metal is bent momentaily and stop motion and keep a shape completely . And repeat to hit a box and metal is bent over and over again.... - use Glue and Soft(or hard) constraints to switch each other in SOP-solver by conditions of primitive attributes: impact, force, torque, etc. - probably we should not 'next_constraint_name' attribute in order to repeat switching constraints. - When using impact attribute to trigger switch glue to Soft constraints, fraguments start jiggling. This is because I guess fragments geo struggle with mixed constraints. Some constraints are connected as glue, and others are as Soft. - probably when switching constraint type, I should switch a whole fragments, instead of just a hit collsied pieces, in order to avoid strange jiggle. - If I just need one time bending, it's easy. Just picking one frame to switch a whole constraints to Glue. - maybe example pic has too many colliding boxs. Colliding could be happening every 50frames.. Thus, if anyone gives me a very smart rig, it would be amazing, thanks!
  4. RBD material fracture wood - break soft constraint?

    Grayden, your explanation helps me understand 'Attach internal constraint to object' . Thanks. Then, I downloaded julian johnson's glue to soft above.hipnc., which contains only one RBD packed object, and tried to compare sim with the check box ON/OFF. Surprisingly sim results are different each other. I guess it causes by inside of sopSolver nodes. It would be great to have an answer if you have time to take a look. I really want to understand when I should turn on/off this function very well. Best regards,
  5. Make Curve In VEX

    Thank you so much, Konstatin M ! That's very smart and primuv seems to be very powerful. I can proceed my stuff from there. Tesan, thanks, too. I will use it for different cases in future, too.
  6. Make Curve In VEX

    Hi, I have an additional question, related to this thread. There are random existing curves, for instance. When applying a resample node, it adds points evenly. However, I am looking for a way to add points exponentially then add points with even distance. Is that possible to do it procedurally?
  7. bullet dynamic emission does not work properly

    To WLVL Daivd Sorry for late reply. Using 'create active object' fixes all my problems, thanks!! Basically the both of 'create deforming active/static object ' selections kill my setup. Also, I did not mean to use 'create deforming active object ' , but just forgot to select 'create active object.' by human error. I hate there are so many check-list to sim bullet properly. Anyway, thank you so much again!! Cheers!
  8. hi, I try to learn to dynamically emit packed objects in bullet sim. So far, emission seems to be fine, but the scale of each piece object are wrong. I tried to set RBD packed object > bullet data > geometry representation BOX and convex. Then display geometry and show-guide-geo don't match, too. I have no idea what's required to do dynamic emission properly. I attached example file. If anyone tells what to fix, I appreciate it, thanks. bullet_dynaEMission.hip
  9. deadline customize question

    I really appreciate for your answer, bonsak!! This is because only few people have this type of solutions and knowledge. I will try them out later, and thanks a lot!! Best,
  10. mantra CPU management

    > iKoon I tried hou.setMaxThreads() from python shell, and got error return _hou.setMaxThreads(*args) Error: Max threads can only be set from the main thread and not sure what's 'the main thread' mean. I have a couple of questions for the below: - Where can I find houdini ENV file? - Should I just add line like this? HOUDINI_MAXTHREADS=16 - what does -j option means?? HOUDINI_MAXTHREADS Controls the maximum number of threads to use for compute-intensive operations in Houdini. The default of 0 means to use all available processors. Positive values will limit the number of threads that can be used. A value of 1 will disable multithreading entirely (limiting to only one thread). Positive values will be clamped to the number of CPU cores available. If the value is negative, the value is added to the maximum number of processors to determine the threading limit. For example, a value of -1 will use all CPU cores except 1. This control can be overridden by the -j option to most applications.
  11. mantra CPU management

    >skybar Test rendering from render view works with exact number of CPUs, and does not control the number of CPUs for batch render, but definitely reduce CPUs usage, great! Thanks
  12. Hi, I have a question about how to manage CPU usage when rendering Mantra. When I do a local Mantra test, or batch render from mantra node > Render to Disk, my workstation is a kind of freezing because Mantra really forces to use CPU 100%. Then I go to tasks manager > details > mantra.exe and set to either a lower priority or remove some CPU cores. It really works to get Windows performance back. However, when mantra finishes a job per frame or session, the CPU setting gets reset and back to full CPU usage again. Thus I wonder if we can change a default CPU setting for mantra permanently. Thanks
  13. SOP scalar field vs gas match field

    hi, I have a question about SOP scalar field vs gas match field in DOP network. When I want to create a custom field, it seems that the both of SOP scalar/vector field node and gas match field node can create a new volume field. The both can be output and saved on SOP level, too. Maybe gasMatchField has less options to set property. Do we have any special situation to use a SOP scalar/vector field node in order to create extra fields?
  14. how to write opfullpath with relative reference

    `chsop("../CamPathGeo")` becomes /obj/cam_master. That gives me absolute path, and it let me go to next process. chsop is great function. Thank you so much!!
  15. hi, I try to get absolute path in order to use VEX @P = fromNDC("camera_path", @P); Problem is camera_path has to be absolute path, then I am using opfullpath beforehand. However, the expression does not work with relative reference: `opfullpath("../../cam2")` becomes /obj/cam2 (this is good!) `opfullpath("`chs("parm2")`")`becomes chs("parm2")") (it's wrong!) If anyone knows how to correctly write the above second line in VEX or hscript, it would be appreciating. Best,