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  1. smoke object wind tunnel parameter

    hi, There is a "wind tunnel direction parameter" in smoke object node in DOP. This creates a constant wind effect very naturally. A result is different from gasWind Node, in fact. Ultimately this function is from a SOP Vector Field node, and I wonder how this calculation works. This is because I want to create a original node by gasVOP or gasWrangle that behaves exactly same in DOP network. If anyone has an idea, please let me know , thank you!!
  2. Hi, I am testing the gas wind node with a simple set up. I am not sure about unit of "wind scale". For instance, I set it 1, therefore I expect result of sim should be about 1 v or 1 vel,. However, the max speed is 5.3. What kind of formula outputs value from 1 to 5.3? In other words, if I want to get speed 12, what number I should type in wind scale? Thanks!
  3. invert matrix VOP with more than 2 packed object

    thanks, I will try out your idea!
  4. hi, I am studying inverse matrix VOP with packed objects. When I apply the VOP with one packed object, everything is fine. However, when doing with two packed objects, I get unexpecting deformed result. I guess a key is "set attribute" VOP setting. Especially I am not sure how to use "point or primitive parameter". For instance, I use one packed primitive object and pick prim number 0. The result is correct. Next, I merge one more object and still keep selecting prim0 object to extract matrix. However, I got strange result. I am expecting pig should keep a default shape, and rubber could be deformed so much because of using prim 0's matrix. My guess is that I properly need to understand how to use setAttribute > pointOrPrimitive parameter. Default value is -1, so I set to 0 in order to focus on outputting correctly for only pig. However, it does not work well. Thus, I appreciate if anyone tells me what wrong with my attached file, thank you so much. invertMatrixTest01.hip
  5. Ideally I want to see comparison, but will take a look at them deeply weekend. Thank you for the link.
  6. Hi, I have used Houdini for a few years, but have not used these loop block nodes so much in VOP. This is because it's really hard to understand what's happening on the way and how to use input and output exactly, although I understand SOP level's loop nodes well. Thus, I really appreciate if anyone explain each usage of input and output with typical examples for each block/loop node! For instance, blockA is good for creating primitive line. blockB is convenient with checking nearest points, blockC is same as loop-SOP but faster, etc... Many thanks!!
  7. Can we execute python def by another node remotely?

    I am using kwargs["node"] or hou.node('.') in order to point out self node. When executing from 'target_python' node, it makes sense to be kwargs["node"] = target_pyhon. However, when executing from python_remote_control node, kwargs["node"] becomes 'python_remote_control node' and code does not work anymore. Do I need to write 2 code versions? In general, I guess python_remote_control node executes 'target_python's code as own self code. Then the code looks up not 'target_python''s parms but python_remote_control node's parameters ?!?
  8. Can we execute python def by another node remotely?

    code = hou.node('../target_python').evalParm('code') exec (compile(code, "inline", "exec"), globals(), locals()) setA() setB() After adding an extra bracket, it worked for a test code now. From now I try to apply it for actual scripts. Thank you, Alex, R !!
  9. Can we execute python def by another node remotely?

    I know I could write script directly in python_remote_control node import hou a = hou.node('/obj/pipeline/python_target') a.parm('result').set('C') but I would like to know how to control/execute the code of 'python_target' node indirectly
  10. there are 2 nodes, and can we remotely execute a python script by another node, especially def too? For instance, there is a python_target null node. If I click its execute button, it writes C in result as I expect. Then I want to do same thing by a code of another python_remote_control null node. After succeeding controlling remotely, I also like to execute setA() remotely, too. Is that possible?
  11. how to set unexpanding string to parameter by python

    >> I don't understand the purpose of doing this This is just for a test, and I want to study how much we have option with python. >> why don't you just evaluate the parameter and set the value directly ? For example, $F4, as frame number, we don't want to put the result of evaluation. Houdini should automatically update $F to number. It also can produces substep numbers, but not python. I already know we can write \$F to make unexpanding in python.
  12. Hi, I am studying python to set a parameter of string (cachePath) by script. After executing the code, ideally it pastes original, "`chs("resouceA")`_`chs("resouceB")`", instead of expanded result "G:/Projects/RnD_000_001/geo_element " So far, I am thinking two methods: A a = r(\"\`chs(\"resouceA\")\`_\`chs(\"resouceB\")\` ") # this way is too many back splash and so confusing B resA = hou.node('.').parm('resourceA').unexpandedString() resA = hou.node('.').parm('resourceB').unexpandedString() a = resA + resB # this way is ok, but when there are 5-10 parmeters, it would be too much work. Do we have a simplest way or special command?? Ideally something like this: a = unexpandedExpression("`chs("resouceA")`_`chs("resouceB")` ") Thanks
  13. how to import speedtree's leaves

    There is a bug in my version of speedtree. It sounds that I need to update software, and it should be fix, according to Speedtree admin!
  14. Hi, I try to import speedtree alembic file. So far I get spines and tree wood meshes, but cannot get leaves at all in Houdini and Maya. Do I mistake exporting, or have to choose specific tree types? Or I have to modify to do something unhide in imported alembic file? Speedtree v8.3 houdini 17 maya 2017
  15. how to disable displacement in matnet

    Davpe, thanks for reply. Your method also does not work for me. I took many tests and it seem like problems are that I use packed instacing(copy node) and shaders are applied on material SOP. These combination breaks displacement switch.