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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm having trouble understanding the soho_outputmode 0 soho_pipecmd process. I have created a script for my custom renderer which works using soho_outputmode 1. After initializing soho, It will read and translate the scene correctly writing it as scene.xml using sys.stdout to write to the soho_diskfile. I can then render that scene successfully using my command "render scene.xml" from the terminal. Everything works as expected. I run into problems when switching to soho_outputmode 0 and setting the soho_pipecmd value to "render". When I hit the render to disk button, I see in the terminal that the render command is running but has the error that it hasn't been passed any file. I would like to know what exactly is being piped to the pipecmd and how to get the render command to see the stdout as a file. The documentation I've seen stops short of explaining this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I'd like to switch an opacity map attached to a surface model shader only on select AOV's without having to render a separate sequence with a different material. Alternatively, would it be possible to switch a surface model shader per AOV? Thanks in advance.