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  1. Python numpy geometry question

    I found a solution here
  2. Python numpy geometry question

    Yes your suggestion sound logically but I was hoping to see some example code. I found code that represents a geometry construction but I would like to see one that deconstructs geometry into arrays... I will keep searching. Many thanks for your suggestion..
  3. Hi How do I save out all geometry information to a python numpy .npy file. I'm dabbling with a neural network that takes in a bunch of objs and spits out its so called interpretation..... But as yet I am working with just the points and not the vertices and prim information. How could I save all this information to an array so I could then reload the array back into houdini for houdini to display prims/vertices etc...... Thanks for your help
  4. How to import obj with python?

    Thank you all or your great responses. I knew there was a simple solution out there.....
  5. How to import obj with python?

    I'm trying to script a multiple obj importer, could someone tell me how to do a basic obj importer equivalent to the "File" SOP... Here's what I have so far.... node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() import os import numpy as np folder = r"PATH TO FOLDER WITH OBJ's " models = [f for f in os.listdir(folder) if f.endswith('.obj')] rand = np.random.randint(0,len(models)) path =os.path.join(folder, models[rand]) print os.path.join(folder, models[rand]) obj = hou.node(path) obj.createNode("geo")
  6. Does anyone know if it's possible to save out in a RAW file format for a unity height map. I have tried changing image extension to "raw" but this is not recognized. Perhaps someone knows a a work around? Surely with all houdini's useful terrain tools there must be a way....? Thanks in advance..
  7. These 2 images might explain the issue better than I currently have. The first image shows me saving a 4K render.The second image shows resulting image in the standard windows image viewer...?
  8. In a nut shell. Can I render pictures above 1920 1080 that will display properly in a standard picture viewer?
  9. Ok, the title appears obvious but my question is that I have found that when I render a still above 1920 1080 the picture won't display properly in a standard display application like windows picture viewer. I understand that those other camera options like 2K or 4K resolution are for video format... So my question is, I have HD images that fit standard display in these applications but the pixel resolution is over 3000. How can create images that are of the highest definition but can be viewed in the standard ways. Maybe I'm confusiing 1920 1080 with pixel resolution or I'm I? Thanks for your help..
  10. Yes, I have implemented this method and still the same problem. Now, I'm really puzzled that you are not seeing the same behaviour. My problem is that the box instances don't start appearing on the grid points until frame 94. Ok, I've solved the issue in case anyone has this problem. Make sure when the object merge is created, that the frame marker is on 1 and not anywhere else on the timeline... Thanks for all the replies..
  11. Hi Could anyone tell me why these box instances do not appear until frame 94. Thanks for your help instance attempt.hipnc
  12. How render pyro with Redshift shaders

    It renders in mantra when I put a pyro shader and mantra rop....?
  13. How render pyro with Redshift shaders

    It's probably a really obvious mistake I'm making. Here's the hip file.... pyro attempt.hipnc