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  1. Fuel is trailing behind pyro

    Did a bit of a manual fix. Used a multi solver with a sopsolver to subtract the trailing fuel. So everything is working now
  2. Fuel is trailing behind pyro

    yeah.. still can't get it to work. I'll attach the hip file, but there are a couple of caches needed. If i was to attach those it would be about 2gb. The way the hip file is set up is back to when i did a render, before changing things around. train_fire.hipnc
  3. Fuel is trailing behind pyro

    no good, the fuel still reacts the same way
  4. Fuel is trailing behind pyro

    Hello all, Currently I'm working on a project where I am lighting the back of a train on fire. The geometry for the train is tracked from footage, so it is moving through 3D space. My current problem I can't figure out is that the fuel I created is leaving behind this long trail that slowly dissipates. This is causing these streaks of fire to appear behind the train in my renders. I tried advecting fuel and raising the flame contribution and just changing all the settings around. But most of the time when I try this method, there is little to no burn occurring. I also tried doing a sim with the bounding box clamped on to the back of the source so it won't trail. Then isolating the fuel and 'copy'ing it into the real sim. The first image is the shape of the fuel source. The second image is what the fuel trailing looks like after the train started moving. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  5. Glass Fracturing Slow Motion

    Hello, I'm working on a small project to have a bullet fracture a glass bottle in slow motion. I have come across a few problems while doing so and could use some help.. 1) The time warp is causing some strange scaling issue on the bullet. It continuously scales up and down. 2) During the render with the glass, you can visibly see all the fractures. Only way I can think of countering this is using a switch to switch between the solid and fractured bottle. But this wouldn't be the best option because, the effect being in slow motion, the transition will be obvious. Thanks for the help! bottle_fracture_v09.hipnc