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  1. pluralsight.com Houdini courses?

    My math skills are atrocious. Luckily Houdini is fun and math can really help make some awesome things in the software. Who would have thought years after pulling C minuses in basic math classes I want to soak up as much math as I can manage now.
  2. pluralsight.com Houdini courses?

    I saw these recently and was curious about them. The cover art kind of made me question the quality, but I guess it's more about the math than the design aesthetics. Good to know they were worthwhile for you.
  3. (Disregard)

    Thank you, I had tried connecting them but had the Ins and Outs mixed up. Can't believe I spent half the day confused by this.
  4. (Disregard)

    How do you delete posts?
  5. Broad Houdini Question

    Awesome! Thanks for all the info, plenty to keep me busy for the foreseeable future
  6. Broad Houdini Question

    Is this by way of just learning the Houdini software from tutorials and experimenting? Or are there specific books or guides to learn the fundamental building blocks of computer graphics that are applicable to Houdini that you can recommend? I'm not the most gifted in the mathematics or coding departments. Much of what I've seen of the UI looks like super crazy spreadsheets which looks interesting but also intimidating. I probably just need to download the apprentice version and give it a whirl .
  7. Broad Houdini Question

    I'm studying motion graphics in community college and learning C4D as my first 3D program. I keep hearing about Houdini and want to give it a try, I think learning the procedural methodology and nodes now would be best so I don't get to stuck in C4D's processes. Basically I'm curious to know if there is enough resources online to teach myself Houdini well enough to use it for work. Are there many Houdini artists who are self taught and can make a living? I am not that interested in making special effects/cinematic work but would want to focus on motion graphics and design focused work. Is Houdini a viable tool for these? Lastly there is a free student apprentice version, would this be good to start learning on? Is the Indie version that is $199 the full and complete version? I would like to be able to also utilize the Houdini plugin in C4D, I'm not sure if this matters. Thank you!