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  1. I'll go to airport tomorrow. Happy holiday to you all!
  2. That's su su cool,, ha ha ha
  3. hmm... Thanks mir, It's working now!! Thanks thanks again.
  4. Hi all, I just curious, I know in maya you can just place particles here and there. Now I want to know can we do that in Houdini? says I want to place 50 particles in positions I like at first frame. then use some force to manipulate them later... How can I do that?? hmm... thankssss, -tuang
  5. oh! that would be really cool.!!! I would love to read those articles... thank you in advance Kenny
  6. I think on Omantra you can set number of CPUs.... Am I right??
  7. So if you update your driver to the newest version may be it help. I have a problem with display driver before, houdini just acting really weird. some menu don't show up and then it just hang and do nothing. Then I update my driver to the newest version that support Houdini. oh that problem just gone a way... may be this just a little suggestion... hope it helps, cheers -tuang
  8. That anime is so so so beautiful. I've seen it once in Japanese DVD version one teacher show us in class. It's so amazing, so I have to go out and see it again in theatre... Super recommend!!!!!! If you can find a Japanese DVD version you should see it too! there will be one joke missing in a english subtitle. one character will say a word "Good Luck" in English to Jihiro. when you see in English sub. It just become normal word! 4 thumbs up hohoho -cheers tuang
  9. Thanks Mike, I'm working on it... -tuang
  10. Hi again, I think I can make a simple volumn light now. I've attached an image here. And I have another question. Look at the picture when light pass those colored glasses. (normal vex texture with diff and transmit value set to be the same) fog has the same color still, may be because of the Fog color setting. So I just want to know. Is there any way to also change the color of those fog to sync. with those colored glasses? thanks all in advance
  11. Thanks a lot Mike, -cheers to you all ho ho ho -tuang
  12. I'm trying to create some kind of Volumn light too. And I try to do as you've posted but I still don't get it can I see the hip file? thanks a lot -tuang
  13. Hi all, Anybody has a proble between Houdini 5 and WindowXP combination? Here at school, we just install H5 into a new machine, running WindowsXP and Quadro4 900 XGL from nVidia as Graphic card. and H5 is acting weird, sometimes pull down menu just don't show up. Anybody has an experience like this? please help! thanks -tuang
  14. hey happy birthday to you Colosus!
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