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  1. Noting against a for loop, just asking Thanks for the answer.
  2. Hi A few months ago I started learning Linux at school (CLI commands and some networking stuff) and I just realized that a lot of things in Houdini seems to be "Linux-based". Like the textport (wich I haven't found any usage yet): its exactly like linux command line interface, and you can type commands like cd, ls, pwd, etc...wich are actually linux commands... Also in houdini we have the concept of starting from root and going througt the various context... Whats going on? Is houdini really based on Linux? If you could explain this fact I would really appreciate it.
  3. Is houdini based on Linux?

    Thanks for THAT answer Yea actually I had Unix in my mind but I always say Linux instead of Unix (I know they are 2 different things but I always make this mistake).
  4. Hi I have a straigth line, created by the line sop, and I want to create some Normals for its points. I tried by typing: v@N = @N in a wrangle node, or by using the poly frame sop, now this would normally work, but it seems like the normals cant be created if the curve is completly straigth, those methods works only if the curve has some kind of curvature (not straigth). Why?
  5. Thanks I solved by writing: v@N = @N; if(@N == {0,0,0}) { @N = {1,0,0}; } This way the if statements executes only when I have a straigth curve.
  6. Is houdini based on Linux?

    Ok, thank you guys for all the answers.
  7. Hi What if I want to print in the textport (or read somewhere) the value of the $HDA_TABLE_NAME variable? Variables like that are not visible in the "Aliases and Variables" window...
  8. Is houdini based on Linux?

    So why I found the same commands and the same syntax? For example using the ls -l command you will get the context and operators in the scene, their permissions (i mean the rwx stuff) and the date of creation etc....
  9. Is houdini based on Linux?

    Woundering why.....should I call SideFx for this?
  10. Hi So I have an asset created at Obj level, and I want it to be avaible in the Sop context, so I tried by changing the the context from Obj to Sop (see attachment) and then matched the current definition and loaded the asset in a new scene, but it still appears in the obj context...any tips on how to sort this out?
  11. Hi So I have some Vex code and I keep getting this warning: It says "implicit cast from float to int, use explicit cast instead". Now I know this warning message, but I dont understand why Im getting it here, since Im dealing with vectors...the code works and everything, but I keep getting that and I don't know how to get rid of it. Any hints? Thanks.
  12. Vex - attribute reading warning

    Yea I nedeed @ptnum but I wrote @ptn because thats an attribute I use in another wrangle in the same scene...
  13. Vex - attribute reading warning

    Oh ok, so I must specify the type of the attribute even if I didnt created that attribute but already exists in houdini? I wasn't aware of this...thanks
  14. Hi So I have two vectors, one is the y vector (0,1,0) and the other is an arbitrary vector called @aim, given those two I want to find the angle between those two vectors. Now this should be pretty straight forward, just use acos(dot(@aim,@up)) wich gives the angle in radiants, and converted to degrees would be a value from 0 to 180, but what If I want to find when the angle is positive and when its negative (not just the difference)? For this I found this thread on the sidefx forums: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/41091/?page=1#post-184272 And this Is what I have so far (look at the screenshot). The "problem" here is that if I set the arbitrary vector to be (0,0,-1) for example, I get a negative 90 degree angle, so I guess there is a specific direction wich the last piece of code "looks for"... This all comes down to know when the angle is greater than 180, but the original angle formula, as already said goes from 0-180. There is something wrong with my code or the bheavior is normal? If so how can I get the angle ranging from 0 to 360 degress? (I have to know when its greater than 180) Thanks
  15. So to get the angle and the positive/negative number I have to write: float _angle = acos(dot(@aim,@up)); float _sign = dot(@up, cross(@aim,@up)); Because this gives me 0 as the sign variable...where is the mistake?
  16. Hi This may be really stupid but I was working on a volume wrangle, and I noticed that the printf() function does not work on this kind of wrangle node... Is it just me or am I making some kind of stupid mistake? In the pic the node to the left prints nothing, instead of the node of the right (wich has the same code), wich actually prints "Hello" to the Houdini console.
  17. No printf() in volume wrangle?

    Ok thanks
  18. DOP Forces/Constraints questions

    First of all, post the scene you are working on. 2) You have to use a sop solver (in the dop network) with a wrangle node inside of it, where you say for example: if (@force > 5) { //Remove the constraint removeprim(geoself(), @primnum,1); } 5)I guess you are looking for the vortex force DOP
  19. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    The possibility to use VEX in channel fields instead of old Hscript channel expressions. I'd really like this so I wouldn't have to scrub througth two different docs when I dont know a function or stuff like this... Even in the docs it says Hscript is "Houdini's legacy scripting language", its time to fully integrate VEX with Houdini: I'm learning VEX myself and some of the things I do (most) in VEX are not even possible with standard nodes.... Btw this threads are usefull but SideFx by its own is doing a really good job at upgrading Houdini...big uf to them
  20. Hi So basically I have a vector and an obj, how can I make the obj face the vector by specifiyng the front axis of the obj? (front, side, up) Is there a traditional way to do this? Because Im trying to do this myself through Vex and some transforming operations.. Example:
  21. Object facing vector

    Actually I encountered a problem... As you can see in image 1 the coordinate system is ok, but as the object wich the system is generated by, moves in the "lower part" of the circle, it flips to the other side...how can I fix this?
  22. Object facing vector

    Yes exactly! I knew that you had to use matrices and vector math like the dot product you used, to rotate the obecjt,but Im not yet pratical of this side of houdini, thank you so much. I'll credit you whenever I'll use this file you made in a project/video Thanks again
  23. Hi This is probably a dumb question but the thing here is that I dont use Houdini for modeling and I just tried to extrude a curve (polygonal or NURBS) and it simply doesn't move the newly created faces. (pic1) The only way to make them show up is apply some twist. (pic 2) Where is the mistake?
  24. Polyextrude on curve (poly-NURBS)

    I found this thread wich solved the problem https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/45337/