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    The traditional workflow is to first create the rigid body sim and then the pyro sim using the debris as source.
  2. Hi I have an object and I want to move it lets say 1.5 units in a certain direction ( so move it along a certain vector ), so I tried what you can see in the picture. Of course this doesn't work, because 1.5*{1,1,1} will result in moving the obj of 1.5 units in every axis. So how can I work out the correct numbers to move the obj by a certain amount in a certain direction?
  3. Ok Thanks it works! As far as I knew normalizing something would have made it equal to 1, could you explain better what it does?
  4. Putting wrangle results into parameters?

    I hope they add this functionality...cant see the logic of not giving VEX this feature.
  5. Hi So basically I have a certain float value, lets say 3.68, and I want to get the digits before the comma (there are no functions that rounds to the lowest integer), so that I can later use that in some math operations. I know I can use split() to split to the point, and sprintf() to convert to string, but I cant get this last function to work, for example if I wrote float _x = sprintf("%g",3.68); But this gives me an error... Anyone knows how to convert to string and back to the original variable type? Thanks
  6. VEX - converting ints and floats to strings

    Awesome!! I didnt know those functions... Also I was searching for a function to round to the larger integer but I managed to do that by doing this thing on the number I need to round: Example with 2.81: 2.81 + (1- (2.81%1)) Thanks a lot
  7. Converting Python to VEX (moved from Effects)

    You just have to know the VEX syntax, python is pretty easy to understand, just read and translate. Here it is the current VEX docs https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.5/vex/_index
  8. Hi So basically I have some points and a "source" point, I want to find the closest points to the source point, so I tried to use the nearpoint() and nearpoints() functions but when I try to print out the results I get no points... http://prntscr.com/cjgofb Is the syntax wrong or something? I attached a scene for reference. Thanks. test_findPoints.hipnc
  9. Hi In my scene I have a null node called "Precise_Clipping "where I edited the parameter interface and added a toggle called "precise_clip" then In the voxel size channel of a vdb node I have written the following: if (ch("../Precise_Clipping/precise_clip") == 1) { return 0.01; } else { return 0.2; } The problem here is that it gives this error: http://prntscr.com/cg15f2 Its not the first time I write expression in channel fields, and to me the syntax looks correct...so whats the error? Thanks
  10. Oh Yea I forgot that...dumb me. Thanks a lot for the reminder
  11. Hi. I have two vectors and I want to check if they are equal or not, so this is what I did so far: http://prntscr.com/cfxu8d The vectors Im trying to compare are the normal of the grid (created by me in a create attribute SOP) and the vector wich starts from the grid and points to a sphere. If the vectors are equal I set the color of the grid green, otherwise red. In the vop sop I normalized the 2 vectors because I saw online that two vectors to be equal must have the same magnitude too, but even after normalizing them it still doesnt work. Why? Vectors_check.hipnc
  12. Comparing vectors in Vops

    Yep, I forgot you shouldn't try to compare floating point values...my bad. I used the dot product method and seems to work, Thanks everyone!