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  1. Controlling Focus Distance

    That was the old workaround, needing an object (probably my own screenshot even ;-) ), but in more recent versions of Redshift you can indeed click into the IPR to set the focus point. Doesn't work well with fiddly thin strands, but is great for product shots etc. Cheers, Tom
  2. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    Over the last couple of weeks I started to learn Houdini, partly from tutorials by Entagma and others, partially by implementing things I worked on in Grasshopper for Rhino (which is single threaded and rather slow for larger assets) over into the Houdini world. This one started out from the Entagma tutorial on differential growth but I then first extended it to avoid the text areas and today implemented a first version of a threading solution to make it look more like yarn: This one is similar to an older test I once did in Softimage XSI and Arnold, but this time with Houdini, exported as FBX and rendered with my favourite renderer Thea Render: And the last one for today was a study on how one can visualise noise in Houdini. It uses a solver and the trails node. I found it hard to make it look really subtle in Mantra, so in the end I created poly wires and also exported it to Thea Render via FBX: Thanks everybody on Odforce for knowledge and inspiration!!! Cheers, Tom
  3. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    IIRC it was a plane that I formed into those ridges and afterwards several bend deformers overlaid. I'm not doing any 3D for a year but making music and creating wood sculptures and other "real" things instead, so can't help you further, my licenses of Houdini and RS actually ran out recently... Cheers, Tom
  4. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    I wish you all a totally awesome and alive 2020! :-) May your creative juices flow!!! Cheers, Tom
  5. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    And now for something totally unrelated to Houdini :-) I recently started to finally get into Blender after looking at it for almost 20 years and thinking "it's almost there but..." And now it finally is (for me at least). 2.8x is amazing and especially the modelling part is really great. I love designing with subdivision surfaces & edge weights and missed this since XSI went belly up. Houdini - with everything I love about it - just isn't really made for manual modelling, the tools feel extremely clumsy to me and the whole workflow is weird. The procedural tools are more in the way than helpful and relying on point numbers really isn't a good way to deal with groupings or edge selections in this case. So Blender to the rescue and it really is great in this regard, very fast even at SDS level 3-4 in the viewport, good modes for dealing with working on the cage or the SDS directly, edge creases work very well and are easy to work with. I also like Cycles. It's really fast with my two GPUs and shows great quality - would love to have it in Houdini actually, way more than Karma... ;-) So yeah, if the Houdini modelling tools don't convince you, give it a try. Back and fourth works well with Alembic, and USD is in the works already. VDB too... Some recent fun things: So yeah, Blender 2.81 & Cycles. Cheers, Tom
  6. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    :-) Thank you very much eetu! Coming from you that means a lot - you have been a great source of knowledge and inspiration on my Houdini journey. :-) Cheers and all the best to everybody for 2020! Tom
  7. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Radiolaria II" I'm currently learning Blender for modelling after totally failing to enjoy manual modelling in Houdini for years now and really love it. Also I found the "Tissue" plugin to be extremely cool for pattern based design. So this is modelled in Blender 2.81, then imported into Houdini 18, further evolved and rendered with Redshift: And with a bit more oooophf: Both are mostly direct renders with Redshifts PostFX & LUTs. Cheers, Tom
  8. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    Organics: "Radiolaria" Two variations of a scene I created with those fascinating tiny beings in mind... Somehow I was not 100% convinced by the inner structure, so I tried out a more solid version via VDB in the center: Houdini 18, Redshift, Luminar 2018 Cheers, Tom
  9. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Spiraling Sphere II" Re-did this scene with 3Delight as a renderer. It's still in beta but very interesting as a CPU renderer with perfectly integrated cloud rendering. Houdini 18, 3Delight, Luminar 2018. Cheers, Tom
  10. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Spiraling Thing" Worked a bit more on my threader tool... Houdini 18, Redshift, Luminar 2018 Cheers, Tom
  11. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Rumis Field" "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there." Rumi One of my favourite quotes ever... And an organics version: Both created with a custom solver in Houdini 17.5 & rendered in Redshift for High-Rez printing at 18000x12000 (https://www.artstation.com/thomashelzle/prints). Cheers, Tom
  12. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    And of course I did the Entagma Physarium tutorial :-) Awesome stuff, thanks guys! Houdini 17.5 Cheers, Tom
  13. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "The Portal" Another "organics" experiment... Houdini 17.5 & Redshift Cheers, Tom
  14. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "She Flow" I really love how this one came out - make sure to view the full size one for the details. Houdini 17.5 & Redshift & Luminar 2018 Cheers, Tom
  15. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Where are you growing AT" Experiment with growth on a recursive subdivision grid. Houdini 17.5 & Redshift. Cheers, Tom
  16. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    A weeping willow created in Blender with "The Grove" to grow almost flat onto an obstacle... then further processed in Houdini 17.5 Rendered in Redshift. Cheers, Tom
  17. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    Some screenshots from the above Circuits R&D: Houdini 17.5 Cheers, Tom
  18. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Octahedral Lines" Combining above with some more VEX and some connect adjacent points/smoothing: Houdini, Redshift, Luminar 2018 Cheers, Tom
  19. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Spiraling Lines" Followed the tutorial by ROMAN PILLAI https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/spiral-pattern-generation-tutorial-houdini-cinema4d/ Then implemented it in VEX. Houdini, Redshift, Luminar 2018 Cheers, Tom
  20. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Organic Circuit" Houdini, Redshift, Luminar 2018 Cheers, Tom
  21. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Her Aura" And so she stood Breathing Feeling the space around her Letting her aura expand Touching the trees, the flowers, the bees Inhaling the fragrances Healing deeply Houdini, Redshift... Cheers, Tom
  22. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Haven't seen 18 yet so don't know if the code editor was improved, but if not, this still is my ABSOLUTE NR. 1 wish. if(code_editor_improved != true) { Code editing in Houdini Wrangles is - well - crap. It's a total shame we don't even see command parameter lists when typing since even in value fields typing expressions does it and has autocomplete for paths etc. Even only bringing that ability to the VEX editor would be very helpful. Of course it would also make a lot of sense to have other settings and helpers in there, like auto-closing brackets, more clever cursor positioning, offering existing variables and attributes when typing etc. - the Houdini devs should know ALL about that, they probably spend their life in real code editors... The use of external editors could be improved a lot if a.) we wouldn't have to press ALT+E twice for the external editor and wouldn't have to get to the floating editor first each time and b.) if that connection would be "live" like for instance the Pinegrow Web Editor does it with a little plugin for Code and Atom, where you can type in either the internal or external editor and they update each other in realtime. The current system is too clumsy and the 3rd party implementations also aren't really there (no negativity towards the authors intended at all!). Make it native! Make it goooooooood! } else { All is well. Nothing to see here. :-) } Cheers, Tom
  23. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    Organics: "Spin" A multidimensional spider, when dancing, is leaving behind a cloud of intricate structures... Houdini 17.5, Redshift 3.0.5, Luminar Cheers, Tom
  24. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "Be a tree" Let the breeze blow gently through your leaves. Let the sun nourish and warm you. Give birds and squirrels a home. Drink deep from the ground. And when the storm comes, give it your all. Blender with "The Grove" plugin for the tree, Houdini making it into strands and create pseudo-leaves, Redshift for rendering, Luminar to make it cheesy ;-) And a "dry" version: Cheers, Tom
  25. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    "The Book of Tom" All you are is a system of memories Houdini, Redshift. Cheers, Tom