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    hey everyone hope that y'all having an amazing time, just a quick question.., now i know sidefx got reed of some old stuff and introduce new cool stuff in the H16 but i have just notice that there are few shaders missing from the material palletes from the generics shaders like displacement, mantra surface, surface model are gone all we left with is principle shaders and it aint what i am looking for right now does anyone know how i can bring the older shaders back many thanks

    @david thanks a lot
  3. hey fellow houdini artists hope that you are doing great today! i recently just notice that my houdini is having to cook everytime i lay down a node a.e geo grid sphere...... and its taking too long to select any node by right click, so i am having to highight the node everytime i wanna select it? .never used to do this... thought i should shoot a question about this thanks
  4. Houding cooking every time and right click

    @Jero3d thanks a lot i have just updated my graphic card all went back to normal thanks for your help!!! @ dmitri if you using a gforce driver uninstall it and download and instal it again @Diego A Grimaldi thanks for shout that out i think it was something to do with graphic card but thanks though really appreciate your efforts guys
  5. Houding cooking every time and right click

    @Atom @marty thanks alot guys for trying to help @Atom i just tried exactly what you said there's no change at all it's still the same! @marty render view isnt processing at , guys is there any other way around this ?? thanks alot
  6. Houdini General Quest

    Good evening/morning/afternoon Houdini fellow artists, recently noticed that whenever i click on either the billoway smoke,fire,explosion... i get this funny thing on my viewport please take a look at the attachment, and also houdini been playing up... whenever i open it it start without a the construction pane or grid, so i am having to turn that on all the time i am running houdini, and whenever i lay down lets a say any geometry "sphere, box...." the display normals are automatically turned on without me touching it, thanks in advance, hope to hear from you soon thanks
  7. Houdini General Quest

    awesome!!! thank you very much really appreciate it guys it was the transparency cheers
  8. MMB

    hey fellow houdini artists hope y'all having good time can anyone show me to use MMB on a laptop in houdini thanks
  9. MMB

    iam trying to use the laptop trackpad thanks

    Hello fellow houdini artists. i hope y'all having a great weekend, just a quick quest, does anyone know how pyrofx can be used as a source to destroy a rigid body wall or any object that has been converted into a RBD, or after setting up or after setting up my fracture can i assign a pyro "fireball" to be the collider of the Fracture ? rather than having a sphere... please check out the example attached and thank you very much

    @eetu thanks a lot !

    @Atom thank you !!

    @SteveNi thanks for that! can you please elaborate a little bit more on using the debris as source as i am a bit lost on that thanks
  14. Tornados

    Any good link to where i can find a tutorial where they are teaching how to make a tornado in houdini thanks!
  15. Hi there, quick question i imported an FBX that i tracked in 3DEqualizer but i wanna be able to view the background image or video just to see how my tracking is playing together with my video in the viewport but whenever i try to link that my video on the dispaley option > camera. doesnt allow me to do so can anyone show me how to have to the camera shown in the attached picture thanks
  16. Display Option-Background--camera

    thank you that was helpful!!! and it worked @marty
  17. HI There i am new to this website and i am new to Houdini, My question is whenever i do a test Render theres a in my render view! please take a look at the attached file to see what iam seeing hope to be helped soon thanks
  18. background image in the render view

    thanks very much @jkunz07 i tried that didnt work what i did was, deleted the folder that has the actual file that's displaying on render view, and everything goes back to normal,
  19. background image in the render view

    when ever i do a render test there's Background image on my render view can anyone help me how to have the render view to the way its suppose to be,