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  1. Vellum Inflate From Flattened State?

    I think it's going to be about blending to the rest position of the un-deflated object, while changing rest length scale and bend stiffness all in the same keyframe...Tie them all together via relative channel expressions. Not able to test at the moment, but I think that's gonna be the best of all worlds
  2. Vellum Inflate From Flattened State?

    That video is very interesting. I haven't tried pressure with nonmanifold Geo... No morphs in my setup...I believe the sphere would inflate without that rest blend, I just threw that in to regain the original volume pre-squish, as the restlengths of the squished sphere would produce a smaller object than would be desirable in my opinion... Definitely things to experiment with though
  3. Vellum Inflate From Flattened State?

    Inflation is absolutely possible in vellum. See this hip file for one approach. Make sure you look in the vellum solver to see the magic. Inflate.hipnc
  4. Hi. I'm looking for a simple way to copy the full path from a node so I've got an easily 'paste'able path to use elsewhere in my scene. So far none of my searches have turned up anything useful. Happy to provide more clarity/reference if necessary! Thanks for your time
  5. How to 'paste relative' whole nodes?

    Awesome! I hoped it would be this easy. Thanks symek!
  6. Houdini beginner here with a question regarding nodes, and relative references. When I do compositing in BMD Fusion, I use the "paste instance" function very often, and I'm a little shocked to find that pasting "instances" (relative references) of whole nodes doesn't seem to be a function here in Houdini. Am I missing something? Specifically what drives me to this question is the following scenario... I'm experimenting with multiple mantra render nodes to render different objects (one polygonal mesh, one volume), and it would be really nice to be able to copy the 1st mantra node, paste relative, and simply decouple the "Candidate Objects" field so only that variable would change, but the rest of my render settings (i.e. pixel samples, etc) would stay hooked to the original node. Of course if all this can be done in one mantra node with image planes, I'd love to hear about that as well...