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  1. Flip - sink

    hello guys, i have seen the sink from object tab on houdini, but i don't seem to make it work.. does anyone have a scene/ have seen somewhere where it's been used? I am struggling to find as well better documentation, but if i follow everything step by step doesn't seem to work at all.. thanks! (http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/sinkfromobjects.html )
  2. Hello guys, I just moved from h16 to h17, but i am having a hard time to see how they swapped the fluidsource (in sop). If i want to create a volume with a vortex velocity field, that i used to do in the velocity volume > vortex tab in the fluidsource in h16, How would i do that now? thanks
  3. Laptop for houdini

    thanks guys for all the answers, Do any of you know by any chance if houdini runs fine with a gtx 1060 Max-Q? thanks!
  4. Laptop for houdini

    Hello guys, I wanted to ask for a suggestion for a good laptop. I won't work on Houdini everyday, so it's mainly for sometimes uses, and also be able to run it/simulate something (not too heavy). I know a workstation would be better, but I am travelling too much right now, would be impossible.. Dell 15.6'' ( this one cost 150 less) Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 512 GB SSD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB Razer Blade 15.6" Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 256 GB SSD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB I know the specs in the sidefx website says min GTX 1060, but maybe the 1050 ti will do fine as well. or not? What do you think between those two? Or do you have any suggestions for around the same price? Thanks!
  5. smaller ripples

    Hi guys, I have a flip simulations where I am dropping a rock in a vase. I would like to keep the velocity of the splash it generates, but I would like to decrease the amplitude of the waves that the flip sim creates. I've tried to play with the velocity smoothing, but it will also decrease my splash highness. any suggestions? maybe it's worth doing it post sim? thanks a lot
  6. Do you mean an example you can apply this to, or an example on how to do it? In the first case if you want something easy you can practice with just some rocks, and influence them by color for the density, or have some paths, like a river, and try to centralize them on the edges of the river. you can apply it to everything, like trees, tree branches, leaves on trees, and a lot else with no trees.. If you mean the second case there are a lot of basic houdini tutorials like this one Houdini training on youtube or vimeo. Good luck
  7. Hi guys, I was trying to add points during time in a group. I managed by renaming the attribute inside a SOP SOLVER and then copying it to the previous frame, in order to "group combine" it after with the previous group. (as better explained here https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/31853/?page=1#post-148295 ) My question is, if I just do that and visualize the result of the SOP SOLVER, I end up with a static first frame geo, (that i solved with a point deform), but why is that happening? and is there a way to solve this and avoid to use the point deform? Thanks
  8. flip boat tail

    Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to Flips, and I am trying to achieve a really basic effects, like having a whitewater behind a boat to form a V. (whitewater slightly moving aside). Indeed what I achieve is simply a line II where my whitewater disappear pretty fast. this is not a human scale boat, is more 1 meter x 2 meters, sailing in a flat river (for now). Do you have any suggestion on why this is happening? Should I add a pump with a velocity? Or should I increase the resolution of the flip simulation? also, is the fact that i am reseeding in the flip simulation the particles under the water line that causes this "lost" of whitewater? I thought that the velocity would automatically generate a V shape, seems I am wrong! thanks for reading guys, and thanks if you'll help me get it somehow
  9. blobby smoke

    Hi guys! I have a particle simulation of a tornado, that drives a smoke sim. But when i render it create (for the particles far away from the others) blobby looks. even if i increase the division size , it only read the particles more detached, so more blobby. instead if i increase the sample distance it lose all the details.. and I would like to have something more "detailed", fluid. (I still have to add some more noise..) Can you help me and maybe give me some suggestion on how to proceed ? Thank you!
  10. how to freeze everything to a frame?

    Yeah it works! thank you
  11. I wanted to do a camera movement happening at frame 100 (the sim is 240frames long) but i want the simulation to stop at frame 100 for 24 frames (so it'll hold untill the camera returns to his place at frame 124). Do you have any idea of how i can do that? Thank you
  12. Escape studios

    does any of you went to the escape studios? I've been wondering if that could be a good school for learning houdini the fact is that I've been studying houdini for some time now, but i feel I lack in some basics things that is hard to find on the internet by my own instead of just asking a teacher. Do you thinks it's worth to try and find a course that fits me like this - 1 month of fx-, or it's possible to learn it by myself maybe in a bit longer time? Thank you!
  13. render reflection

    Hi guys, I'm trying to render something out of mantra and make a comp in nuke, do you know how i can render in the exr also the channel for the specular/reflection/diffuse? thank you
  14. I though caching out the particles (for example) will took off the time dipendent cook but even if that's not that (i've been trying to cache out every particles i have) still when i'm trying to play one simulation node it slows down A LOT because it cooks file that arent in that node, but in another one that is not even visible, and i have no idea why and how to avoid this problem
  15. particles path circle

    Hi guys! I've made a sim with particles but I would like to keep them rotate in circle for some seconds and then use their inherit velocity. how i can keep them rotating? i've been trying to add angular velocity with cos ($T * 180) ty = sin ($T * 180) this expression, but doesnt seem to work. any suggestions? thanks!