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  1. HI, to make it slower you need to divide only the $F, not the entire result, otherwise it won t keep anymore your fitted values.
  2. Edit Param Interface

    Hi, you can do it, but so far I think the only solution is with a python callback script, setting values once the button is pressed
  3. Hi, do you want to align the normals towards a specific point? Or just assign a constant normal? It can be as easy as defining the value you're looking for in vex ( @N= {0,1,0}; ) , or attribute create, Or if you're looking for them to orient towards a cross angle to what they have now, still doable in vex (have a look at the cross or dot function).
  4. Creation time offset

    Hey, seems like maybe you forgot to toggle some important thing. Post the file, it ll be easier to debug!
  5. How delete part of smoke, using a geometry (volume)?

    if you want to make the smoke interactive to the geometry use it as a collider, otherwise post sim you can convert the sphere to a volume, and use a volume mix and subtract it, like @fencer suggested
  6. Constraint don't follow object

    hello guys, pretty sure it's a silly question but atm can't wrap my head around it. I have a rbd cache of a wall destruction. now, i would like to constraint other objects on it (window frame) but having it on another simulation. What It's happening atm is that my constraint stay in place and don't stay attached to the the different wall pieces when they are imported in the new sim as a Deforming static object. Any hints on how to make it work / what i am doing wrong? thanks!
  7. Constraint don't follow object

    Thanks Yigit! I see this is working because your object is animated static obj.. What if it was deforming? Whole new story?
  8. Constraint don't follow object

    does it? It doesn't seem to keep it attached neither with glue or with a hard constraint.. Does anyone have had this issue? This my example: (Considering that where i have the simulated rubber toy i have indeed a cache - so i cannot simulate everything together) seems so easy and still I can't seem to make it work.. test_constraint_01.hipnc
  9. Constraint don't follow object

    gotcha, thanks guys!
  10. Constraint don't follow object

    Hey Tomas, thanks for taking time to answer, Importing the object in DOP works fine, what doesnt work is updating the constraints by being attached to this moving object. They seem to be 'frozen' on the first frame object..
  11. Laptop for houdini

    After all this time, and the reseach, it just got the cheaper basic one (min required specs) , because at the end of the day I won't be able to do any serious big work for houdini on a laptop, let's be honest (or even if you do, the price it's so high, that is not worth it..)
  12. Laptop for houdini

    Hello guys, I wanted to ask for a suggestion for a good laptop. I won't work on Houdini everyday, so it's mainly for sometimes uses, and also be able to run it/simulate something (not too heavy). I know a workstation would be better, but I am travelling too much right now, would be impossible.. Dell 15.6'' ( this one cost 150 less) Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 512 GB SSD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB Razer Blade 15.6" Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 256 GB SSD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB I know the specs in the sidefx website says min GTX 1060, but maybe the 1050 ti will do fine as well. or not? What do you think between those two? Or do you have any suggestions for around the same price? Thanks!
  13. Rigidbody to fall in precise end goal

    you can set a goal position, to reference the END position to be the one you are aiming for, but i don't think this will look any less fake than simulating it backward
  14. Puddle Crown Splash

    hello, you can try to simulate it in a high res tank, and then after sim crop what is outside your shape. Otherwise stability might be an issue. or maybe keep you point velocity to 0, and only activate the one that go >0.1. that would probably be the most accurate method, otherwise you can keep playing with the ripple sover / meshing it together!
  15. Preserving ParticleIDs

    Hello, in theory no, if you are simulating something in dops, and your particle die they will have a higher id number. be sure to have 'add id attributes' on in the attributes tab in the popsource.
  16. Referenced node - fast way

    thanks guys, exactly what i needed!
  17. hello guys, I was wondering if there was a fast way to create a houdini node all referenced to another (same to the first one) one. As a transform node, and create another transform node that is automatically linked to the old one on all his parameters, without having to do it manually one parameter by one. Thanks!
  18. Flip - sink

    mmh i see.. it doesnt do at all what i was hoping for, i was expecting more of a suction force rather than a 'black hole'. Good to know anyway, Thanks sm for the file!
  19. Flip - sink

    hello guys, i have seen the sink from object tab on houdini, but i don't seem to make it work.. does anyone have a scene/ have seen somewhere where it's been used? I am struggling to find as well better documentation, but if i follow everything step by step doesn't seem to work at all.. thanks! (http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/sinkfromobjects.html )
  20. Issue in trying to make Flip Fluid travel along Curve.

    hello! a hip file can be useful. Have you plugged the popcurve force in the fight slot of the flipsolver? It should be plugged in the second slot, 'particle velocity'.
  21. Fluid are heavy in houdini, and they will need a strong computer for simulating + meshing + whitewater + rendering! You are harly gonna get a fine mesh if your particle separation isn't hight enough. But if that's just a test for fun, then at least I would suggest to scale it by 0.1, and work on a small scale, in order to have more resolution.
  22. hello, you probably need way more particle separation, and as well a little bit of depth. is this right scale?
  23. Curve attract Particles problem

    Hello Daniel, in the popcurve force there is a parameter called 'max influence radius. by increasing that one, the radius of your curve will be bigger and catch all the particles outside as well. I woudnt reccoment deleting them otherwise if they go from the curve to outside, you'll see them disappering and popping out. Good luck!
  24. snap viewport image

    thanks guys, exactly what i was looking for
  25. hello guys, do you know if there is a way of snapping a viewport image, like we do for the render view, and then go back and see how it looked like with previous settings?