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  1. Hi Guys, I would like to create a revealing effect where the polygons flip along their axis one by one. How can I achive this? I think a for each loop run on the primitive numbers... but how to turn the polygons respectively? thanks,
  2. Hi Guys, When I'm importing and fbx into my scene, the model apears as a purple thing in my viewport. In render, some of its's groups render corectly, some are not. The model has uv and the material path is properly set. First question: why is this purple viewport "error"? Second question: what is going on with the textures? thanks for your help guys! Render: Viewport:
  3. Hi, I have a complex model came from Maya in alembic format. It has several UVs and many parts are shadered in houdini. I'm talking about few dozens of Material nodes in Materials and Shop. Is there a way to change the alembic without the need of reassigning all the material nodes? A solution would be much appreciated
  4. I will take a look of your script too, looks something worth trying.
  5. @AtomThanks, you are right about FBX textures but in this case, these will be in the distance and covered by athmosperic fog, so I wished I could use it without retexturing objects.
  6. Hi guys, I have a city FBX with massive amount of objects, all textured. Is there any way to optimize this structure for Houdini? Creating geo level bgeos manually would take forever, and I would need to re-texture everything. On a single object I usually create a bgeo and rat files for textures, but here this process would take days, a less time consuming solution would be great. Thanks for any advice,
  7. PBR Texture maps to Principal shader?

    @symekThank you! I'll take a look.
  8. PBR Texture maps to Principal shader?

    Anyone, please?
  9. Hi, Can someone tell me how to link substance painter generated PBR texture maps (albedo/transparency, Metallic/Smoothness, Normal) to Principled Shader? I have Albedo, Metallness, Roughness, and Normal maps. I linked Albedo to base color on the surface textures tab and it seems to work fine along with the normal map on the Bumps & Normals tab. My problem is with metallic and roughness. If I link these to the corresponding channels on the Surface textures map, it is not rendered correctly. Metalness is not visible at all and roughness is also incorrect. What is the proper way to use these maps? Thanks a lot for any advice!
  10. H16 Hair shader issue - fur is always gray

    @McNistor Very impressive, thanks a lot.
  11. H16 Hair shader issue - fur is always gray

    @McNistor Thanks for the advice, changing the HDRI to a B/W version solved the problem. Houdini hair is so easy to understand and works as expected, experienced neither crashes nor rendering artifacts, no surprises whatsoever. Rendertimes are also reasonably short even with fairly large number of hairs. Thanks to these features it provides a very short learning curve. I could achieve literally anything came in my mind from simple bunnies to complex photoreal tigers or facial hairs. Very happy with it so far. Luckily I did not face any speed issues on my HP Z820. But I'm not using the built in paint tools for the features, instead I'm painting them in PS. For me it's more straightforward and lighter on the pipeline. @marty The only thing I don't like in Houdini fur is the guides visualization. The guides do not seem to represent correctly the fur generated by the _hairgen node so I can rely on them only as a rough estimation if at all. Francesco
  12. H16 Hair shader issue - fur is always gray

    Hi Everyone, I started to play with the new fur tool and it blows my mind. But I need a little help here with the fur shelf tool. I created a nice groom and everything works perfectly except the hairshader tints the whole fur with a gray color. I can not produce white fur at all, as it turns middle gray. I did a test file too where only a cube were in the scene and the same happened with fur color. Any idea where I gone wrong? Appreciate any help, Francesco
  13. Gun fire gone wrong

    hi, I try to create a gun fire effect in Houdini. I searched the forum and found some gun fire threads but these are focusing on bullet hits and not on the gun side of the action. My first guess was to start with a sphere and key it for fast movement and than apply a fireball shelf tool on it and tweek the pyro parameters. Probably this is not the right approach because it doesn't give that muzzle flash and gun smoke effect result. Can anyone advise me on this topic? Which tool to use, how to achieve the basic effect where I can start from? Thank you in advance for any help.