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  1. Vellum Cloth bunching up overtime on animated character

    Thank you for replying, Noobini. It turns out I have collision issues. I'm having to set this up in DOPs
  2. Hello all, A mocap actress walks catwalk style and turns around, walks backward, back and forth a few times. I'm so close to getting this to look very realistic but I am having trouble with self collisions bunching up the fabric. I attached an image of what my result issue looks like and the parameters I'm using. If it's not any of these causing it, could it possibly be my pin to animation constraint? It's the straight-forward Grouping Pts to pin and pinning to nearest on mesh in Permanent setting. Thank you for any advice. Sadly, I can't share the project file.
  3. We found our solution. Thank you.
  4. Digging a little deeper, I'm now exploring UDIM tiling to see if I get more detail. Hopefully that yields result. I'll update if a success.
  5. Hello all, I created a 4k x 4k terrain of a desert landscape and rendering with arnold. I am able to render displacement correctly on a plane. From a distance, this looks great, but I need to render from a human POV.My problem begins when I add RDT (realdisplacement textures - seamless maps) to add detail to the ground, I have to tile it 500x (using UV Transform arnold node). My next step was to create a 1k x1k terrain for the foreground detail, but that's still not giving me enough detail. This workflow isn't working well for me. Any tips on how to manage textures on such a massive surface? Thanks for any help!
  6. Hello All, I have scoured Solid Angle and Thinkbox support for answers to how to setup Deadline to generate ASS files to render them on Deadline farm. When I try to get Deadline to generate both, it fails out miserably. When I generate the ASS files locally (with VDBs correctly pathed) I get the error: [ass] line 76: /obj/FIRE:volume.shader: unresolved reference to '/obj/FIRE/shopnet/arnold_vopnet/volume_collector2' Unfortunately, I can't upload project file for active show, but any links or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you