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  1. We found our solution. Thank you.
  2. Digging a little deeper, I'm now exploring UDIM tiling to see if I get more detail. Hopefully that yields result. I'll update if a success.
  3. Hello all, I created a 4k x 4k terrain of a desert landscape and rendering with arnold. I am able to render displacement correctly on a plane. From a distance, this looks great, but I need to render from a human POV.My problem begins when I add RDT (realdisplacement textures - seamless maps) to add detail to the ground, I have to tile it 500x (using UV Transform arnold node). My next step was to create a 1k x1k terrain for the foreground detail, but that's still not giving me enough detail. This workflow isn't working well for me. Any tips on how to manage textures on such a massive surface? Thanks for any help!
  4. Hello All, I have scoured Solid Angle and Thinkbox support for answers to how to setup Deadline to generate ASS files to render them on Deadline farm. When I try to get Deadline to generate both, it fails out miserably. When I generate the ASS files locally (with VDBs correctly pathed) I get the error: [ass] line 76: /obj/FIRE:volume.shader: unresolved reference to '/obj/FIRE/shopnet/arnold_vopnet/volume_collector2' Unfortunately, I can't upload project file for active show, but any links or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you