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  1. Thank you very much for these answers guys! I'll also take a look at this book. Thx!
  2. Hello guys, I'm currently a Computer Graphics bachelor student, we are learning CGI but also, Mathematics, Python and C++ some people are very proficient with all these 3 while I'm very proficient in CG but not very strong in these field. I'm very motivated to learn and go deep into these 3 field but I would also like to be efficient in the way I will learn it. ( learning all the mathematics is unfortunately not possible. ) So I would like to know what is your best advice to start learning mathematics and programming to become an FX-TD, based on your own experience or on some experience from other people? Do FX-TD always use programming in the task they are asked for? Any advice, any experience is very much welcome and it would help me a lot.
  3. Portfolio build

    This was so helpfull thank you so much catchyid! Good luck on your way toward learning Houdini!
  4. Thank you fuat! I'll give it a shot !
  5. Hi guys, I've export a huge bifrost mesh with a velocity channel attached to it, Do you know any way to import velocity channel from a huge bifrost alembic file into Houdini so that I can then use motion blur? That would help me a lot, Thanks!
  6. Hello guys, I'm working on a Bifrost liquid mesh that I imported into Houdini to render it with mantra since Maya couldnt manage my huge alembic file ( +300Gb ). There is no foam yet since it's in the process of meshing but I wanted to know what do you think about the liquid mesh shader ? I used the Ocean material from Houdini with some adjustment. Thank you guys!
  7. Portfolio build

    Hi, I was thinking about building a good portfolio. I know I'm posting this on a forum aiming toward houdini users but still! Feel free to advice me!
  8. Best way to start learning Houdi-god

    Hello guys, a little bit late I had to change my computer to go back to Houdini ( I went from a bad laptop to a new tower omg what a new breathe! ) Cant thank you enough for all these informations!! I'll start again from scratch, and I see you there in few months then ( in a meantime I'll send some work in progress on other topics ) Anyway, lets do it then! If you guys have more information to absorb just send it to me on this topic, I think this will help more than me in the future
  9. Thank you for your answer Atom!
  10. Hello guys, I would like to know if there is a way to save each rendered frame automatically when each rendering is done ? Thanks
  11. Best way to start learning Houdi-god

    Hey Atom! Thank you for your answer! I'll definitely going to keep learning from GoProcedural, simple and comprehensive!
  12. Hello guys! I've finishing my ocean shader sequence, but when rendering with mantra I cant find a way to render my refraction, reflection, diffuse, whitecaps in different passes except by doing them one by one ( first my diffuse pass, then reflection and so on... ). If you have any kind of way to help me that would be awesome! Fay
  13. Hello guys, I'm just asking if there is a best way to start learning Houdini from scratch. There are many things that I cant really understand like SOPS, DOPS, VEX and how the nodal interface works in itself. Cheers, Fay
  14. Reflection on Ocean Shader FX

    Hello jrock, Cant thank you enough for this answer, the HDR I was using was definitely not a good one, I'll try to get a new stock of HDRI sky and try again. I'll be back with a new render, but it's true that the desired look I'm looking doesnt physically allows me to get these reflections! Edit : I bought a simple really good HDRI on "whatever" website and it completely nailed it. Thank you so much !!! PS : if you have any tips to make this sea look more realistic, feel free to tell me! I'm looking to get a really realistic ocean shader!
  15. Hello guys, I'm struggling to get this sharpy reflection, even with reflection at 1 and reflection angle at 0 I still cant. Do you have any idea how to get them on the render ? The 3rd picture is my ocean shader test using OceanFX. Any help is welcome, Thanks!