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  1. That did the trick! Thank you mestela! It's interesting how the density of points from resampling affects the grain solver. I had to turn mine down significantly to get working... Will spend some more time poking and prodding. Here's an art directed project if anyone's curious. shot050_1021_v1.hip
  2. I have a project in which I've modeled a spiderweb using this tutorial, and am now at a place that I'd like to introduce dynamics via the wire solver. However the issue I'm having is that the tutorial creates the spiderweb geo in such a way that every radial and outward strand of the web is a separate primitive, and when I pin the edges and pipe it into a wire solver, the whole thing falls apart, disconnected. .HIP of just the geo is attached. Here's a list of things that I've tried without success: -Fuse SOP and Join SOP (Join SOP adds strands to connect various chunks of strand to each other) -Scatter and a Point Wrangle via this entagma tutorial -Various snippets of Python posted by other users having similar issues but quite duplicate issues I've heard that point clouds could be useful here, but I am pretty fresh to Houdini still and haven't invested the time for that particular rabbit hole. Would love to see if y'all have any ideas. spiderwebRnD_v003.hip