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  1. Sand Simulation

    Ok, so now I know that -It's working with static and not cached rocks -It's NOT working with animated and not cached rocks -It's NOT working with cached rocks, animated or not (all tests with no substep) Now I think that I may need to send to the DOP Network my 800 rocks separately... but how?
  2. Sand Simulation

    View from an other angle. There's no interpenetration on the first frame Password: sandsim
  3. Sand Simulation

    I can't find the velocity damping node, but I'm going to try with a POP Drag node. Result: It's better, but I can still feel the pop!
  4. Sand Simulation

    After some tests, the problem comes from the animated rocks. Even without animation on the rocks, the sand explode. In my DOP, I load only 1 cached VDB of all the rocks as a collision object. I tried to switch from a POP Solver to a FLIP Solver just to see the CollisionGuide of the rocks (how the solver see the rocks) . And it seems fine. Any ideas?
  5. Sand Simulation

    Hi! I'm a student at NAD in Montreal and I'm trying to learn Houdini. I have a project in which I need to simulate sand on top of a falling rocks RBD simulation, which is on top of a FEM sim. (The FEM is the deforming ground) So I cached every collision objects with the CollisionSource node (with 4 substeps to match de grain solver). Now, if I simulate the sand, it explode on random frames. (see flipbook here: password: sandsim This is my second attempt and it still explode (at fist I used 10 substeps) Does somebody have any ideas on what could be the issue? Thanks MountainGrowth_47.hipnc
  6. FLIP Object not colliding with itself

    I used another way and it's working now Still curious on why it doesn't work tough
  7. Hi! I'm a student learning Houdini, and I love it! Now I'm stuck with a problem. I want to use only one flip object that emit every frame from an animated particles source. At the first frame there's a 'base layer' of water that get emitted. The problem is that when new particles are added, then don't interact with the 'base layer'. Any help on how can I make the new fluid interact with the old one would be appreciated! I've attach a demo file with the same setup I use. FlipObjectBug.hip