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  1. Hi bonassus, I tried out the forloop with a file sop, and the expression is able to evaluate the iteration value with no problem, excuse the error because I didn't create any files.
  2. First post here! I just want to share a tiny triumph. I love cmivfx and the tutorials there, except the fact that videos can't be sped up. I found that you can manipulate html5 players through the browser console with some simple code. I used firefox->inspector->console a = document.getElementById("bitdash-video-cmi-player"); a.playbackRate = 1.5; YAY!
  3. Not sure if it's gonna be any help, I just came across this issue today as well. I use a mac. I think the first step is to make sure all 3 green ticks are on in your License Administrator. If installing a new license and manually installing a license are greyed out, it most likely means you don't have write permission to change the license.local files. Make sure you check your permissions on the machine. I encountered this on my windows boot camp. I'm not sure how it was determined on installation, but my license admin was set to network licensing, when in fact it should be local licensing, this relates to the tick that says "This server is unable to dish out licenses". So you need to go to your license.local and change the license variable to local licensing. https://www.sidefx.com/faq/apprentice-local-licensing/#faq73 Took me some time to figure it out, hope it helps!
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