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  1. Autofit camera to object bound [SOLVED]

    Well, I found another way around it. Don't try to fit the camera to object bound, try to fit object to some fixed bound and there is a great sop node that does normalized scale! So I just used the switch to feed it and set two flags on. Scale to Fit and Uniform Scale > Best fit. Love it! See image below. So now the camera is in fixed perspective to this bounding box and all geo gets normalized and moved into it so you just press render
  2. Hey all The idea is I have bunch of objects and would like to render small image (like icon 256x256) of the object. Now instead fiting the one by one I was thiking of using some Houdini power. Switch node to maybe object bound...to camera position...distance thing... anyone tried something like that? Thanks a bunch
  3. Sticky Arnold Triplanar Texture

    Network view...
  4. Sticky Arnold Triplanar Texture

    Somehow I overlooked a simple typo....well here is a solution if anyone gets stuck on it as well. After rest sop add attribute copy and connect both inputs to rest then in under attribute to copy menu select Other attribute. in the field below type rest Click flag New name and type Prefs (capital P is important!) and that’s it in the triplanar shader switch coord space to Pref. All working
  5. Sticky Arnold Triplanar Texture

    Hey guys and gals. Im playing with something in Arnold for Houdini. I created a cube and shattered it in quick falling down sim. Created rest position before assemble and simulation. After sim I do unpack (all attributes preserved) attach shader (just standard with checkerboard) to see how triplanar shader works with animated geometry. It works as expected for the first part. Renders trough all the pieces all nice. But obviously when pieces start moving (falling) they slide trough triplanar projection. Now, there is this coord space option that says Pref and according to the docs is a vertex in reference pose, great I was thinking that is it. But still pieces slide trough triplanar texture. I tried copying and renaming rest attribute (created after voronoi on first frame) from points to primitives and even renaming to pref...but it’s not working. Was anyone able to create sticky triplanar texture in htoa? Thanks a bunch!
  6. Hi all I am trying to figure out how to do transfer of uvs (with correct seams) from low poly geometry to hi. Example workflow (works for me in Maya) and to the point I’m stuck in Houdini. Take hi res 3D scan > do poly reduce (gets low poly) > do auto uv > transfer UV to high poly. now this for me works all the way to attribute transfer (vertex uv) but uv edges (seams) are not transferred. I tried transferring uv_seams edge group (and it works to some point) but just can’t get those clean UV islands as in low poly. I must be missing something simple but I can’t figure it out. thanks for help
  7. Skull Crush system

    Hey guys and gals I need help in creating one of those picturesque moments, crushing a skull with a brick and parts of brain and eyes spilling out with a bit of blood My first impulse was to go with FEM but its all a bit too rubbery for me (might be my settings) but more I think about it Grains might also play nice with that. All ideas for efficient and nice looking workflow are more than welcome. Nice moment to share some goo renders Thank you all!
  8. Hi all, I just cant seem to find a working method...so help please. I got animated alembic geo coming from Maya and I need to instance it on bunch of points with some random time offset. My original plan was to create attribute named tShift on instance points and somehow call it on geometry to instance like timeshift node $F+$tShift ...but thats not working. I was hopping I could get same thing as copy sop but with instancer...its another bird semi flocking thingy and Im stuck..... All ideas and help are very welcome! K.