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  1. Hi guys! Firstly first. My name is Nacho and this is my first message in this amazing forum. I'm a newer to Houdini, so please, bear with me and my English language as well I've prepared a very basic file to try to explain you my issue with this cloud animation, consisting basically in a cloud (using cloud and cloudnoise nodes) and a DOP network which I would like to use to give some turbulence to my original generated cloud. This is my issue: (please, open the attached file for more understanding) I animated the offset of the noise of one of my volume VOP nodes used (cloud_DeformationNoise4 (blue colored in my file)) to give some variation in time to that shape. It's a very basic and exaggerated animation just to show you the issue. So at that point, inside the cloud generation process, no issues are found. But when I try to import that cloud within a DOP network, the original noise animation is completely lost. Since I'm using a setup file from a work college, I did the basic procedure from scratch in a new file and it worked like a charm, so I can't understand why it's not working with my college´s setup. Could any of you (ohhh true Masters of Houdini) be so kind to have a look to the attached file and tell me what I am doing wrong? Looking forward to hearing from you guys. I have been breaking my head with this (probably stupid) issue for too long. I'll be eternally grateful :_ ) Cheers! test_cloud_animation.hipnc