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  1. Dealing with FEM + Static Body

    Thanks for this solution. I always though that solvers where more accurate and I was doing some bad setup.
  2. Dealing with FEM + Static Body

    I tried your settings and that minimized the problem. But there's still some interpenetration of the sphere with the box. My idea was to finally do a thinner outer box, but when I try to do that, the inner sphere escapes from the box. Using the thick wall sphere starts to overlap box. If I try thinner walls:
  3. Dealing with FEM + Static Body

    Thanks fencer, it worked in this setup but... when I tried to work with thin walls in the collider object, again... it overlap again. Tried to raise sphere divisions and lower "Division size" in box_object1 but didn't make too much difference.
  4. Pyro Collisions - beginner question

    Thanks, that helped me too.
  5. Dealing with FEM + Static Body

    Good night, people: I'm a newbie with Houdini. I've tried lots of tutorials but, I'm still having problems with collisions. I made a simple setup, a growing fem ball inside a static collider, but, it interpenetrates the walls of the static object. I tried to get more substeps, to have more detail in collision guides, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I attach the file that I'm working on. Thanks! testme.hipnc
  6. Cloth collision like gum

    Good morning people: I'm a beginner in the 3D world. My main skill is photography and I'm searching a way to integrate some kind of VFX onto my images. Now I'm trying to generate a kind of big sheet of bubble gum colliding with a head. I don't know it the Cloth collider approach is the best or FLIP could be better. I'm stuck in this part, with this setup, I need a more stretchy look but I don't know how to achieve it. Thanks for your time. Best regards, Pelayo. clothCover.hipnc