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  1. Hey, I would use time shift to freeze the lines and point deform to transfer the movement. Greetings
  2. Wire tension

    Hello, I have been playing around with the wire solver for a while. But I still have a problem with the wire tension: I have two parts of a wire and a constraint. When I break the constraint the wire should snap back, like an elastic band with a lot of tension. @restlength has no effect and other workarounds don't give me a nice result... no snapping How would you do that? Is there any attribute?
  3. POP Wrangle Group

    Great, it works! Thank you! The operations order is still confusing me...
  4. POP Wrangle Group

    Yeah there are some points. I recreate the setup, still the same problem... debug.hipnc
  5. POP Wrangle Group

    Hello, I want a second age ("myage") for particles, when they are in the group "active". Very simple? But it don't work
  6. VEX: for i

    Thank you, it makes more sense now!
  7. VEX: for i

    Hello, I have a problem understanding "for i" in vex. for (int i=0; i<npoints(0); i++) { float val = point(0, "value", i); float preval = point(0, "value", i-1); float calc = val+preval; setpointattrib(0, "value", i, calc, "set"); } In the picture you can at first see my initial values. Now i want to add the sum of the previous values to my current value . I wrote the values i expected to get in red. What is wrong with my "for i"?
  8. constantly decreasing polyline

    hello guys, currently i am working on a river tool. hopefully you can help me with my problem: i have a polyline with a few hundred points. i project them onto a surface and now i want the y-position to be decreasing. i need to make sure, that my current point (y-position) is located underneath the previous point. If that is not the case, i want it to be readjusted to the previous position.