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  1. Hello I have a animated flip container with a narrow band setup. It follows an object and moves more or less 5cm per frame. The size of the container fixed. The particle separation is 0.0175. every time the container moves it injects velocity and starts to generates waves. How I can avoid the velocity injecting?
  2. Dynamic Bullet Constraints

    Thank you, this was very helpful, it was more tricky than I thought Here is my less complex implementation but also more transparent dynamic_constraints_bullet.hiplc
  3. Volume as a collision doesn't works, why?

    First, for volume collisions, you have to use distance VDB (SDF), not fog VDB. I think the collision function inside the "volume source" node is only for smoke, for example when a fast-moving object adds turbulence to your simulation. You can easily use the "static object" node for FLIP collisions.
  4. Dynamic Bullet Constraints

    Hello, I'm trying to create a dynamic constraint network, to achieve a kind of sticky wall. The basic concept is working but it is very "wobbly", it seems there is an offset or something else. I tried to scale the constraint primitive to zero and reduce the restlength without success. Is there another way to influence the constraints? debug.hiplc
  5. Smoke from scratch, add force

    Thank you, Johannes! The gas wind node was a great hint. I found an additional mistake that I made: the border type of my fields was set to streak but it had to be constant. my_solver_fixed.hiplc
  6. Smoke from scratch, add force

    Hey dudes, I'm trying to build a simple smoke solver from scratch to understand more how they work. I created a simple setup with density, temperature and buoyancy. Now I want to add a second velocity volume as a force to my simulation. But when I add the force, the velocity is increasing massively in a few frames. I have to mix my force with the existing velocity but I don't understand how to do this my_solver.hiplc
  7. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    For the hexagonal pattern, you can use the divide node and set compute dual.
  8. Tying a Knot

    Maybe Vellum was not the best idea Nowadays I would use RBDs + constraints rope.hiplc
  9. Tying a Knot

    not perfect, but that would be my approach knot.hipnc
  10. Hello, I have a problem with a FLIP fluid scene. I fill a sphere and move it down and upwards. After this movement, I have the same amount of particles but not the same volume… By the way, are there any good practice collections for flip fluid? I'm still struggling with it. flip.hiplc
  11. Boolean and broken shading

    Thank you. I expected the new boolean tool to create loops for me if necessary. This is how I know it from other 3d packages.
  12. Boolean and broken shading

    Hello, I tried to subtract these tubes and bevel the edges. Simple task But after that, I got a broken shading. How can I fix this? I tried a few nodes: normal, edge cusp, poly doctor... still get this ugly shading. boolean.hiplc
  13. Hey, I would use time shift to freeze the lines and point deform to transfer the movement. Greetings
  14. Wire tension

    Hello, I have been playing around with the wire solver for a while. But I still have a problem with the wire tension: I have two parts of a wire and a constraint. When I break the constraint the wire should snap back, like an elastic band with a lot of tension. @restlength has no effect and other workarounds don't give me a nice result... no snapping How would you do that? Is there any attribute?
  15. POP Wrangle Group

    Great, it works! Thank you! The operations order is still confusing me...