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  1. Hello, I have been playing around with the wire solver for a while. 

    But I still have a problem with the wire tension:

    I have two parts of a wire and a constraint. 

    When I break the constraint the wire should snap back, like an elastic band with a lot of tension. 


    @restlength has no effect and other workarounds don't give me a nice result... no snapping :( 

    How would you do that? Is there any attribute?

  2. Hello, I have a problem understanding "for i" in vex.

    for (int i=0; i<npoints(0); i++) {
        float val = point(0, "value", i);
        float preval = point(0, "value", i-1);
        float calc = val+preval;
        setpointattrib(0, "value", i, calc, "set");


    In the picture you can at first see my initial values.
    Now i want to add the sum of the previous values to my current value . 
    I wrote the values i expected to get in red. 
    What is wrong with my "for i"? 


  3. hello guys, 

    currently i am working on a river tool. 

    hopefully you can help me with my problem: i have a polyline with a few hundred points. i project them onto a surface and now i want the y-position to be decreasing.
    i need to make sure, that my current point (y-position) is located underneath the previous point. If that is not the case, i want it to be readjusted to the previous position.