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  1. Pillow

    Greetings.how to model such a pillow in houdini? which nodes is better to use? mountain sop works bad. help!!!
  2. hello. i have a question about making money with this software. is it possible to sell 3d models made in houdini? Can you suggest sites if they exist? i don't speak about vfx. only modeling. thanks.
  3. Hello. I am making 3d models in houdini and after i import them in 3ds max(with fbx format) to assign vray and scanline materials and export with .max format. i sell these models on turbosquid site. 3ds max format and materials are needed becouse are more popular and sellable than houdinis .hip and mantra. the problem is how to make groups of polygons in houdini to be able to assign materials in 3ds max without selecting them. in 3ds max polygons have id number and for example if 100 polygons have the same id number it is possible to assign material to all of them at once. is there a way to make groups of polygons in houdini and transfer them to 3ds max with same id number? maybe i am wrong and there is another way to do it without id number. maybe UV or something else. Who knows??? Help guys!