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  1. Double surface on meshing

    Hiya, my 2 Cents. I'm using a custom meshing setup with vdb's and my flickering was due to culling in the fluid compress. I turned off Cull Bandwidth to solve it.
  2. Help with attribute interpolate

    Works for me. Thanks gold-leaf.
  3. Hi Alessandro Did this presentation ever make it to video? I would love to watch it. Thanks Paul
  4. Thanks Zybrand Saved me a whole lot of headache. ;p
  5. Dancing weirdness animation I did

    Hi Anthony I was going to have a play using VDB's, still using trail SOP and scatter but I thought it might be easier to manage the states with VDB's. I am trying to nail down the fluid effects in the Method Studios video, that is how I found the link. I would love to come up with some new effects along the way however so all of these workflows are useful.
  6. Dancing weirdness animation I did

    Hey Anthony Thanks for these, the trail dude is cool. Simple but cool. Paul
  7. Hey Retarx Check out mixamo too, if you have adobe CC account you get a whole heap of dance moves you can export as FBX.
  8. Hello I am trying to do something really simple and I am finding it to be quite hard. I am trying to rotate a box so that it carries momentum and settles down naturally as if it had mass. I have included a .hip file where I have attempted to do this manually but it is not the best. I am struggling to get the animation editor to behave and I have to keep closing and reopening Houdini as the Animation editor and the viewport are not marrying together. If anyone knows why this is or if there is a better way of doing this, (I have tried motion fx (spring)/chops but it failed miserably) I would be very appreciative. I have come a long way in this wonderful program but for some reason the animation editor feels really clunky in comparison with the rest of the program and I don't know if it's something I am doing wrong. Thanks dampened animation.hip
  9. Heightfield Tile

    ... actually, just merge...
  10. Heightfield Tile

    Ignore me... I just noticed the 'tile' attribute.. just blast away the Low-Res and merge back together the HiRes with the tile splice. That's why I never post on forums!
  11. Heightfield Tile

    Hi I am trying to create a Heightfield Terrain with a single Hi-Res tile closest to the camera and as it is Houdini do this in a procedural way so that the tile can be changed dynamically, maybe linked to the camera. I am investigating doing this through a 'for each loop' but if there is an easier way I would love to know. The crop tool and the tile tools seem to be lacking an inverse toggle? I have probably missed something simple but if I work it out first I'll post the file for others anyway. It seems to me to be a useful workflow technique.
  12. Spherify New Terrain/HeightField?

    ... or Height Field Project, using a sphere. The moonscape shelf tool uses this. From the distance of space these features would be relatively flat on a large planet, you might want to examine the noise functions in the MAT nodes instead? I created a moon using 'displace along normal' on a sphere.
  13. Spherify New Terrain/HeightField?

    I have used the RaySop before and kept the distorted sections out of frame, you are still left with a large part of the planet in view.
  14. Exporting variable from SHOPS

    Thanks Davpe. I get it, it was to see numerical levels of displacement prior to render but I can see now that logic prevents it. I picked up a tip on Matt Estella's webinar last week where he suggested building systems in vops first and it worked out to be the answer.
  15. Exporting variable from SHOPS

    Hi there Please forgive my noob status but is there some way of passing variables from a shop node (material shader builder) back up to sops level to evaluate in the node structure? I have tried bind export but no dice. Thanks in advance.