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  1. Python code in the channels?

    Thanks for the replies. @Garf I would have never thought that I could just use a return without function. I actually tried a main function with a return before as king here. Thanks for the tip. @BO RAIN I cant exactly tell how your tool works but basically I am trying to export all groups as separate meshed. I can actaully do that using a python sop with a file saver inside a foreach loop. I was just trying to just even bypass an extra node if possible
  2. Python code in the channels?

    Hi How do I return values in a channel like those we can with simple hscript commands? For instance, I wan to modify the file path of a file sop with inline code. I know I can modify it with global scripts or with a python sop by setting the parms directly but i cant seem to figure out how to do that inline. thanks
  3. echo all commands in houdini

    Does help(x) work?
  4. Why does this simple line errors out?

    Hi Thanks for all the replies, it makes perfect sense and the remedies are easy. cheers
  5. Hi I am typing this simple expression in Attribute wrangler and it errors aout vector pp= { random(10), random(10), random(10) }; but this is fine vector pp= {1,1,1 };
  6. Projecting images from lights in Redshift?

    Atom, Perfecto Mundo, thanks!
  7. Hi Does anyone know how to project images from lights sources when using Redshift/Redshift lights?
  8. Hi How do I get a nice detailed scene related statistics that can include total geo, verts, polygons, nodees etc in a nice formatted way?
  9. Running py code on frame change?

    Thanks guys. I will try the suggestions.
  10. Running py code on frame change?

    edward I want to invoke some stuff in img context per frame.
  11. Running py code on frame change?

    Hi I want to be able to run python code on each frame if and only a certain node is selected. I assume this must be a hou.session thing but the my hou.session scripts do not run on each frame if I am seeing it correctly. They are just some globally acccesed code. Basically I am looking for a frame change hook that runs in the session. thanks
  12. Houdini stopped loading objs gives error

    @Atom Thanks for the reply. Actually it was none of those things. I had to move the Houdini program folder to a network drive due to space left on my system drive but it looked like Houdini did not like that at least certain Houdini executables did not.
  13. Hi The file node is refusing to load .objs ;( It keeps saying that it is unable to read the file. I tried many many objs and I get the same results meanwhile other apps like Modo or Zbrush have no problem with these objs. In fact I was able to load these files just couple hours ago in Houdini as inside my Houdini project files. I have no idea about what happened ;(
  14. See what is going on in Python?

    Hi I kind of remember that there was a way to see the current operations in the stream in Python script but I cant locate that in the documents. Is there a way to see to see what is happening under the hood in Python streams like Mel in Maya? thanks
  15. Forcing file load via Python

    @Atom That was very helpful thank you so much. That helped me out with ironing out couple other issues as well.