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  1. clamping color

    Hi! I've been working on the stickies animation tutorial on the Side Effects website. In the tutorial, you create a simple animation in a COPS network. The animation consists of a red star and blue text moving across a yellow background. The animation is then imported to a series of grids in a SOP network by using the following expressions in a Point SOP: pic("op:/obj/stickies/2danimation/comp_out",$BBX, $BBZ,D_CR) in the red channel pic("op:/obj/stickies/2danimation/comp_out",$BBX, $BBZ,D_CG) in the green channel pic("op:/obj/stickies/2danimation/comp_out",$BBX, $BBZ,D_CB) in the blue channel My problem is that as the animation runs, I am getting some odd intermediate colors. For example, just before a yellow grid is turned blue by the text, it might turn green. I have played with the antialias values and the font details, which seemed to help a little bit. I have tried to clamp the color values like so: clamp(pic("op:/obj/stickies/2danimation/comp_out",$BBX, $BBZ,D_CR),0,1) clamp(pic("op:/obj/stickies/2danimation/comp_out",$BBX, $BBZ,D_CG),0,1) clamp(pic("op:/obj/stickies/2danimation/comp_out",$BBX, $BBZ,D_CB),0,1) That doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions? Basically, I need the colors to be on or off. When the colors are on, they are either blue or red. When they are off, they are yellow. stickies_v03.hipnc
  2. Does smoke have mass?

    A colleague and I were discussing smoke in Houdini at work. We were wondering if smoke in Houdini has a parameter that represents the smoke's mass. We looked in the smoke object and smoke solver and could not see anything. I suggested that we might have to somehow create the attribute ourselves. Am I off base here? My reasoning is that heavy, sooty smoke will have more mass and therefore respond to forces differently than light smoke that consists primarily of water vapor.
  3. puff of smoke from a box

    I made the walls thicker and that didn't work. I increased the divisions in the collision geometry up to 100, and that didn't work either. I adjusted the sub steps on the AutoDopNetwork. When that didn't work, I played with the sub steps on the RBD Solver and the Pyro Solver. Not sure what I am doing wrong... marc_smoke_pump_v07.hipnc
  4. puff of smoke from a box

    Hey, I took RontheDon's advice and have met with some success! Unfortunately, I still get some smoke leaking through my box! I cranked the divisions under the Collision/Volume tabs for my RBD Object up to 70, but I still get some leakage. Plus, when I crank up the divisions, my sim takes longer to cook. Any advice? Thanks. marc_smoke_pump_v05.hipnc
  5. puff of smoke from a box

    Hi, I'm trying to create a puff of smoke that comes out of an animated box. I parented a sphere to a box object with the top removed. The sphere is the smoke source. I added the box to the DOP network as a passive RBD object. However, the smoke still flows through the box's walls. Plus, the RBD object seems to be blocking the smoke somehow, which is strange because I turned off volume based collision detection. What am I doing wrong?
  6. isometric surface as temperature field

    A colleague at work told me I can use an isometric surface as a temperature field to influence some smoke I'm trying to create, so I created an isometric volume and fed it into the Temperature SOP Path of my pyro object. However, I have ran several tests, I can't get the smoke to respond to the field. I want to create smoke that breaks up into a lot of wispy tendrils. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. constant fluid emission

    Here is the working file. chris_chapter_1a_v04.hipnc
  8. constant fluid emission

    It works! I'll post the file this weekend. BTW, I thought the node order did not matter in a DOP network. Am I wrong?
  9. constant fluid emission

    I'm working through the cmivfx Introduction to Fluids video tutorials. In the first chapter, the instructor demonstrates how to get a constant flow of fluid from an Utah teapot. I followed the instructions exactly and could not get the same result. In fact, nothing is flowing from the geometry. I checked the files that came with the lesson and got the same result! Any idea how to do this? chris_chapter_1a_v03.hipnc
  10. Particles and Pyro FX

    Hi! I am trying to create some smoke for an independent short. I have actually made a lot of progress. However, the director wants the smoke to have a lot of streamers and tendrils of smoke that descend downward. I have tried to create this by dumping particles into the simulation, but I cannot get the particles to interact with the sim. Any hints? Is this right method for getting the effect I want? marc_smoke_v05_billowy.hipnc marc_smoke_v06_billowy_add_particles.hipnc
  11. stills in a demo reel

    Hey, I'm starting work on my demo reel. My reel will include a number of stills. How long should I hold them for? I want to put title cards on my reel with my contact info. How long should I hold those? Thanks.
  12. I'm working on a free tutorial from cmivfx that shows how you to build a noise spectrum VOP and use it to deform a grid. Unfortunately, I am getting an error. I'm pretty sure that problem is coming from the For Loop VEX node I'm using. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? creating_noise_function_v03.hipnc
  13. What next?

    I wrote a shader in a .txt file and compiled it with vcc. How do I bring the compiled .vex files into my hip files? Sorry to be asking such a newbie question, but I can't find the answers in the docs.
  14. monitor comp

    Here is the final comp! Let me know what you think!
  15. monitor comp

    Here is the rendered out scene. I did corner pin the rendered image onto the TV. Actually now that I look at it, I don't think it looks too bad. I will check out the hue curves node to deal with the blue. Thanks.