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  1. I heard of this experts tips, I feel like a pro using the pop source for flip now I found that vdb from particle fluid works very well to create a collision, it only takes one node and it seems to be accepted by the volume source collider in the dops so far.. thanks for all these answers !!
  2. I never heard about this but it sounds very cool haha I'm gonna try this
  3. Hi everyone I was playing with the flip source node and I am wonderig : is there a way to create a flip source from points, instead of from geometry ? For exemple now I want to create a flip collider from a point simulation, if I want to use the cool flip source node I have to create a vdb from particles + convert vdb to mesh + flip source, I guess there would be a more efficient way ? Have a good day, thank you for your time
  4. Hi! Would the ocean be moving like water or is it static until the dolphin collides with it?
  5. Hi, did you try "extract image Planes"?
  6. Hello everyone! I have a problem with my alpha, when I render my clouds separately (what i don't render is in matte shading) I end up with weird alphas in compositing. Do some of you have the same problem, or is there something obvious I'm missing? Thank you!
  7. It's OK, I found out! You just have to put another solid inside a scatter node, so this solid will define how your initial object will fracture. Since I opened this thread, I have two more questions about the same topic. First, like on the video I uploaded, the collision object can flicker then the fracture gets weird. Is there a solution to this? Second, I did not manage to use the RBD glue object right. The voronoi objects just breaks itself, whatever I do. Can I do something about this? Thank you again! colli bug.mov
  8. Hello! I would like to know how you could control how your voronoi or fem will break. I used to watch videos by Sangiemenla, he explained how to use the "add" node to control where your solid would be fractured. But now I can't find his channel any more and I can't remember! I would also like to know if there is a similar way for FEM network, to set where the solid object will break. Thank you! Antonin
  9. Thank you! I think i just don't manage to use this node correctly, would you have a scene where you use vdbcombine to share please?
  10. Hello! When I make a smoke trail, it makes several containers for the same smoke. This is something I love when I make the simulation. But when I export it to VDB and try to render it, it only renders a black cube. I discovered that it was because the simulation had several containers because when I filter it with a Blast and choose only one containers, I avoid this problem. Would there be a way to merge all containers into one? Thank you!
  11. Yes, this is perfect! Thank you so much!
  12. Thank you, but this doesn't work, I think I haven't been able to give a good description of my problem. When I light the fire, the match is moving fast, and so is the fire source. I think the problem is that when it is moving too fast the fire is not burning well. Is there an option who help the fire to avoid cooling down?
  13. Hello! I'm animating a burning match, and here is my problem : The ignition starts too slowly, even if I set up a fast fire. Is there a way too fix this? This is the kind of ignition I would like to make : Thank you!
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