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  1. Two state constraint

    I have tried this method before but i have used it with hindge and conetwist cornels and still had problem with origin of constraint...
  2. I`m trying to figure how two state constraint works, everything that i tried didn`t work, documentation doesn`t look helpful and i can`t find any examples. 2nd and 3rd inputs say that "accept 2 of", does this mean that i should put both constraints in one input ? Actually my goal is to set constraint active in some frame ( when object moved from it`s original postion ), but when i do it, object returns to its rest pos, seems like constraint using rest and origin vectors. Two state is a last idea i have to try.
  3. Two state constraint

    I solved my problem just by creating new simulation when i need to change constraints and i used previous sim data to continue simulation
  4. Seems like you have some issues with collision geometry, try to display collision geo in rbdpackedobject at dop level. If you don't see issues try to decrease shrink value for collision geo, usually it is 0.02 try may be 0.001 ( depends on size of you ship ).
  5. Two state constraint

    I`ve attached a file with simple setup, may be someone can correct it. two_state.hipnc
  6. I`m not sure what do you exactly need, but may be this will help By the way you can always create you own matrix by basis ( 3 ortogonal vectors ) and point position. You can use polyFrame node to create those vectors, then just put them one by one in 3x3 matrix to each row and use translate node (in Point VOP ) to add position in each frame, then you will get 4x4 matrix. If you will apply this matrix to static object (1st frame geo) it will start to move and finally you can manipulate each step to achive result that you need.