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  1. File Browser default Path

    What I mean is that the browser opens and the user is directly in the right directory without having to click on a favourite and depending on the type of file he wants to import. But if that's not possible your trick with jump.pref will suffice for now. Thanks again!
  2. File Browser default Path

    Cool, that's a good start, thanks! Maybe there is also a way to set the path directly? Also it would be nice to set different directories in case the user want's to import images, geo, etc.
  3. File Browser default Path

    Hi there! First post of another ex-Softimage user migrating to Houdini land. Very exciting! I'm currently trying to integrate Houdini into our pipeline. And something I always wanted to do (but couldn't) inside Softimage is to dynamically change the default path of the file browser. So if the user wants to import images, geo, ... the file browser would directly jump to the right location, ideally based on env variables like $JOB. Is this possible with Houdini? I've been searching through the various config files but I couldn't find the one setting the default path. Currently it appears to bei either $HIP or the most recent location. Thanks!