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  1. Custom Shape Volume

    Hi Gabriel, Thanks for the fast reply, this helps, Sorry to expand on this topic but reading the documentation on IsoOffset it should provide as you say a 'traditional volume' however in my context I have volume trails which should be going through the noise of the volume yet they are flat. This is making me think if it doesn't combine with Volume Trails then it's not reading IsoOffset as a volume and needs something done to it before plugging into trails node? I've attached a scene file. volume_trails.hiplc
  2. Hi there, Very basic question, what is the correct way to get a custom shape volume, for example a spherical volume? When you plug geo into the volume node all it does is put a square bounding box around the geo. many thanks in advance
  3. Great work - really interesting stuff!
  4. Hi there, I've got a render task which has been rendering for a while now - however, just as it gets to the last frame, instead of finishing, it automatically goes back to rendering from the first frame. It's stuck in a relentless loop of 'auto-launching'. No error logs, any idea what it could be?
  5. Low budget Pc to learn Houdini

    gotchya - thanks for the reply!
  6. Low budget Pc to learn Houdini

    Hi mate, I've come back to this because I've come to that stage of my build - I tend to work on, what I perceive, as small to mid sized scenes and I've never really had a sim cache more than 1GB - in this case surely a 2TB HDD will do right? I've had a browse through your vimeo page and I'm wondering what kind of HDD are you working off of? and are you finding you need more?
  7. Extracting Keyframes from simulation

    hi Sophie, this might be applicable - https://vimeo.com/150680144 think he goes over a similar technique
  8. Low budget Pc to learn Houdini

    so in the scenario you are talking about you are working off the HDD? could you be working off an SSD and just keep a 7200rpm HDD for file storage? If so, what's the minimum SSD GB you would recommend? (my understanding is that you can choose to work from either? )
  9. Low budget Pc to learn Houdini

    hi there, I am currently building a PC and this is the first time I've heard of HDD Size effecting performance in simulations, this is an interesting point..could anyone shed more light on this??
  10. Hi there, I recently saw a post over on the C4DCafe forum : https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/96539-requirements-for-speeding-up-simulations/#comment-641429 I am currently building a PC for animation, simulations, dynamics, rendering (although this would be in C4D), large scale photo editing, VFX, video editing etc, so this has got me thinking ; I don't exactly know what 'core features' means but I imagine it's a term for the 'back-end' way the software integrates with the hardware, so how does Houdini interact with the hardware? what parts does it utilize for these aspects of the 3D pipeline .. animation, simulations and dynamics?? and therefore my main question: which components do I need to focus on when doing the build to ensure I can do some advanced setups and still have reasonable viewports response, not too much waiting around etc. Just for extra info here as some components I've decided on: i7-6800 Asus X99-E GTX 1080 Ti 64GB RAM Hope this question was clear and thanks in advance
  11. Does anyone know what's happened to the cookie SOP? c'mon son

    hi Atom, reading it again my question was all over the place but thanks for taking the time out to look into that and reply, many thanks! I have tried your suggestions and no sort of alembic export is coming into cinema. I imagine Cinema is the problem therefore I am gonna take it to the Cinema forums or elsewhere! thanks again buddy!
  13. Hi there, I'm using houdini indie.. I've built an animated structure and right at the end I have used a Wireframe node to turn to geometry. I now want to export the whole animation as Alembic using the 'ROP Alembic' node into Cinema 4D, however Cinema crashes upon Import of the Alembic. I have tried exporting 3 frames and even just 1 frame out of Houdini but the same problem occurs when importing into Cinema My guess is that the mesh is too big based on the fact that it was heavy to work with in Houdini? Are there any alternatives? I don't have Houdini Engine but could this be a potential solution? Does it transfer files in a different way?