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  1. target position for particles

    I mentioned in my first post I didnt like the results from pop steer seek : ( thanks though
  2. Pscale increase with age not working

    I had to re-upload, I realized I accidentally did the pscale in dops so the collision isnt right. I just made a new attribute scale in dops, then set pscale to = scale after dops : ) let me know if that helps PArticles4.hip
  3. Pscale increase with age not working

    I moved the wrangle to the popnet. I also deleted your collision detection and just used the one built into the pop solver. Hope this helps : ) hold on I made a mistake gonna reupload
  4. Pscale increase with age not working

    Let me know if this is helpful PArticles2.hip
  5. Pscale increase with age not working

    it has age for me. Its because you are importing the grid from the dopnet, so those points have 0 age. just scroll down
  6. white spots ocean render

    I would still like to figure this out. Check out the photo I uploaded. you can see the white spots appear where the water mesh is not penetrating the ground. I believe it has to do with refraction. It seems in order to render water correctly, the water needs to have part of the surface above the ground, and part below. the way I fixed it in one of my renders is by creating a mask where the collision happens, then extending the bottom of the flip sim down so that all of it penetrates the ground. This is slow and it seems like there would be another method. Surely someone else had to have come across this problem? It doesn't matter how high my resolution is, it always happens.
  7. Houdini Pyro render issues

    Not sure if this would help (like atom said its really dense) you could try raising the volume width filter under shading of your object.
  8. VDB sop

    What is the purpose of the VDB sop? The only time I have seen it used is with volume rasterize particles when creating white water. What other times would you use it? Also, what is the point of the visualization? The documentation says the node is creating empty vdb's so what is there to visualize? Also, I can't get it to actually show anything other than the bounding box showing the voxel size. thanks in advance.
  9. target position for particles

    Yea, I saw this, the problem is there are no dynamics : (
  10. target position for particles

    hmm, it seems like grains are more stable when it comes to targetP than regular pops : ( The problem is it needs to morph really fast and not keep wiggling. Anyway thanks, I figure out something : )
  11. target position for particles

    Hi, In the past, I have worked with cloth and grains. I could get a result by mixing animation and simulation together by using the targetP attribute. Does regular Pops not have the targetP attribute? I don't like the results I am getting from pop steer seek or particle attract. I included a scene where I am forcing the position to update. The problem is I don't want to update attribute P, I want targetP. Maybe I can get a target P from rest position? Any help would be appreciated. edit: I can do the morphing after dops, but it would be nice to have it as a force : ) Thanks test_particles.hip
  12. you always have some of the best arnold/pyro renders : )
  13. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    Thanks, I am still struggling so I will check this out!!
  14. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    does seed vorticles work with resizing containers? I tried adding the vorticle field to the extra fields to resize in gas resize fluid dynamic node and it didnt work. Do i just need to make the container initially big enough?
  15. disturbance when velocity

    Ill give this a shot, thanks