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  1. Sparse Pyro Source Problem

    did you try Normalize by Clamped Coverage setting on the volume rasterize attributes? that smooths it out. Also it doesn't visualize velocity very well if you are sourcing it. you can add a primitive node and select velocity and go to volume and adjust visualization then hide velocity.
  2. Flip simulation problem

    What I do is select all the points next to the ground and push them all below. The white spots are the result of some of the mesh being above the ground. You can do that many ways. Using a ray sop and limiting to points close to the ground, then overdrive it to push it downward. Or, sometimes I just transform the points downward.
  3. union compressed fluid broken

    found the problem, its because when you enable union compressed fluid surface, it uses a union operation in a vdb combine with the surface from the compressed cache and the vdb particle fluid. For some reason the surface was too small on some frames and the union operation. failed. A simple vdb reshape sdf with dilation fixed it
  4. union compressed fluid broken

    Hello, I cannot figure out what the problem is. I was rendering this shot and for some reason the water glitched badly on some frames, as seen in the gif. I found out its because the union compressed fluid setting on the particle fluid surface node is randomly not working on some frames. Causing the inside of the flip mesh to freak out on some frames. My second gif is the inside of the mesh. You can see the frame where the union compressed fluid fails. There is extra mesh detail on the inside What is causing the union compressed setting to break randomly on these frames? link to hip- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yogPTwvo1pDXj5yx7WW_xVHYn64tjqpl/view?usp=sharing
  5. Whitewater SIM issue

    Yea, sorry. The higher the number in the minimum velocity means the anything not going that fast won't emit foam. so just keep setting it higher until you get what you want.
  6. smoke pass

    I saw this cool video from Atom called smoke pass. I wanted to mess around with the kinefx tools so this happened.
  7. Whitewater SIM issue

    Hey, i think you need to change your white water source settings. You can limit the emission by the speed range. you need to set the minimum speed to a faster value so white water is only emitted on faster areas.
  8. KineFx loop animation

    well, I figured out a way to do it. I just used extract locomotion, then selected my hip bone and chose convert to in place and shift to origin. That way my character was stationary (running in place). It exports a new bone containing the extracted transforms called __locomotion__. If I go to the last frame of animation (35 for me ). I can track its z position. On frame 1 z position is 0, on frame 35 the position is 6 (meaning it moves 6 units every 35 frames). So I divide 6/35 which = 0.17. that means the character should run at a pace of 0.17 units per second. So I just add a transform sop and in the z translate I added $FF*0.17. That will transform it 0.17 units every frame causing it move at the appropriate rate. I hope that will help anyone. Anyway, its 4 am and I should go to bed, lol
  9. KineFx loop animation

    Is there a way to loop animation of a run cycle so when it loops, the transform doesn't reset? I have animation from mixamo, I want my guy to run foward for like 200 frames, but the clip only lasts 34. when I loop it the guy just runs foward then resets to the origin. I guess I want a loop + offset, so it just continues looping from the last position.
  10. Initial State Problems

    Instead of using initial state, can't you just use what ever frame you want as a source in a second pop sim? Use a dop io on the first pop sim, grab the particles, and use them as a source in a second pop sim. As long as you don't delete any attributes, you can save things like velocity, etc which will carry on to the next sim.
  11. Initial State Problems

    @CinnamonMetal Actually I just got something working in your scene, but I did it with a pig head cause I dont have access to your geo! what i did was switch cache simulation on in the dop net. After doing that, I restarted houdini. Now, If I load an initial state it works. So I guess try turning on cache simulation in on the dopnet, then restart houdini. then resave your initial state and see if it works (make sure to disable your current initial state that is not working before resaving a new initial state).
  12. Initial State Problems

    Hey, I looked at your scene. Since I don't have the JawMesh I couldn't fully look at it, but if I stick your initial state in a project I make, it goes away too. But here is the weird thing, If I make a popnet, set your file to be initial state go to frame one, add a dop io import the points and delete all the attributes, then make a new popsim and and use your points, then save a new inital state, then load it back it, it works fine. When I open your scene, any initial state I use/create from your popnet doesn't work. I can take an initial state from another scene I made that works for me, but if I stick in your pop net it doesnt work, lol. What version of houdini are you using? I was gonna try to completely remake your scene, but I dont have the 2 files required. So the only thing I can think of is maybe some attribute going into the pop solver is messing it up, or maybe its because you have cache simulation off in your dop net, or maybe you just need to recreate your popnet again. I am using houdini 18.5, but I keep getting errors in all your pop nodes.
  13. Initial State Problems

    idk, could you post your scene?
  14. PC Upgrade

    For me having more ram: 1. Allowed heavier sims/higher res sims 2. Able to do other things while simulating since ram isn't maxed out 3. Also you can set the cache to higher amounts on the dopnet which helpful. Having a better cpu will definitely help with simulations check out this chart, you can see ryzen 3000 compared to your cpu https://www.vfxarabia.co/post/houdini-benchmark-cores-vs-clockspeed-updated