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    I just saw this, includes HIP
  2. There are scaling features in the solver to compensate. Also, I usually turn up gravity to avoid it looking like an ocean. Good luck
  3. boolean vs post cleanup

    Hello, I had a question about workflow for a certain problem. In the posted gif, you see how the "shutter" closes on the pocket watch? I only want the individual elements to show inside the pocket watch, not the outside as (as shown in the photo). I have been using booleans to to ensure that the "shutter" only shows on the inside. Is this actually a good idea, though? I eventually will lay out UV's and I am not sure if cutting the geometry with booleans will affect the UV's or something else. Is what I am doing fine or should I just fix it in post by rendering matte layers, etc? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sigh I meant to post this in general : (
  4. Hi, Been messing around with cloth and it seems that the collision radius has little or no effect. I saw this, but my version of houdini is already passed when the bug was patched: https://www.sidefx.com/changelog/Main/?journal=&categories=&body=collision+radius&version=16.5&build_0=&build_1=&show_versions=on&show_compatibility=on&items_per_page=v 1. Make ground plane 2. Create sphere above ground plane 3. Use shelf tool for cloth object 4. turn on visualization for collision radius and adjust collision radus My actual project is more complicated than this, but this is essentially the same. This seems to have no effect within itself (cloth thickness doesn't affect cloth self-collisions) or for other objects. Maybe I misunderstand what the parameter means, but I think its like collision thickness in ncloth. Any ideas?
  5. Take a look at the forum link I posted. To my understanding, you can get passes for smoke and fire, but why do you want a fuel/temperature pass? Are you rendering your fuel?
  6. I always have weird stuff happening when I sim that small, especially with flip. Have you tried simming but at much larger scale?

    it actually is working, it's just not setup correctly. I added a displace along normal. You can't just plug the noise into the P, it needs to be added, etc. Hope this helps-- Evan Ground_Study_2.hip
  8. Animating/transforming in Houdini

    thanks started watching this too
  9. Hello friends, When it comes to animating/transforming, what is typically the preferred method, at OBJ level or sops? When would I want to apply transforms at OBJ level and when would I want to it in sop level? Is there any documentation about this? I am trying to animate something that will require constraints, so I should do it at OBJ, right? To my understanding, use sops for point transformations and OBJ for transforming whole pieces of geometry. Is that kind of on the right track? Thanks,
  10. Controlling Pyro Fire - Dissipating Heat field

    Hey, Could you try a gas dissipate micro-solver and set the heat field as the field to dissipate? Hope this helps-
  11. SOLVED: read cached Pyro VDBs

    I would use a volume visualization node. It has all the setting you need to visualize the different fields.
  12. Filling holed mesh for shattering?

    definitely something wrong going on. do you have "treat as solid" turned on? Have you had luck just cutting up test geo like the pig head to see if you can get that working? Usually if it looks like that there is a problem either with the geometry being cut, or the geo being used to cut.
  13. Create rotation control for polywire

    Thanks! when I get a chance I will check this out!!!
  14. I usually just scale what ever I do. I found for me its best to work in meters, then scale to match what the client needs. good luck!
  15. I think the reason its not working is because of a few things: 1. the source your particles are coming from is extremely small. 2. the resolution of the your pyro sim is large Its almost like your whole particle source is the size of one voxel from the pyro sim. All the particles are being advected from like 3 or 4 voxels. For a sim that expands that fast I don't think you need a source that small. Anyway, I just used a a bigger radius for the sphere controlling the particle's source, and they starting advecting much better.