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  1. Surface Position in Shading [solved]

    this never happened... I hate it when I finally write a post after searching for solutions only to find the solution right after making the post..... I see there is an option to change vector space in custom input, I had it set to the wrong type : )
  2. Hey! Could someone help me understand this? I have noise going into the vector displacement of a principled shader. Why do I have change the amplitude of the noise in z-axis to affect the y (up/down) position? If I do the same at sop level I can just adjust the amplitude in the y value. I tried messing around with the transform vop, but I didn't get anything working. Thanks displace.hiplc
  3. Hey! You can have two materials going into a layer mix then use noise in the alpha just like you said. If you need to give an example just let me know. hope this helps
  4. This isn't exactly the same but couldn't you create your own parameter, edit the range, then copy the relative reference to the other parameter?
  5. ignore collision pyro

    pyro solver -----> relationships -----> collisions -----> enable collision relationship. There is that option, but I am not sure about ignoring per cluster. Maybe another pyro container for the cluster you don't want to collide is another option.
  6. You can! Are you having trouble doing so? this photo is from rohan dalvis tutorial. http://tutorials.cgrecord.net/2017/08/building-terrains-in-houdini-16.html
  7. as I said, the photo you are looking at is all of them combined
  8. Its colored because you are viewing RGB together. you can see the individual channels are greyscale. If you view only the red channel it will be greyscale
  9. You can save out different planes to different channels, RGBA but I don't believe you would actually use all the channels at once. For instance, if you have height saved to red channel, use the red channel for height. If you have debris mapped to blue channel, use that for adding shading to debris. I don't do this, typically. I just export a different image for each plane (as opposed to saving in different channels). Sometimes I have more planes than would fit in RGBA anyway. Slump, mesa,height,water,flow,mask, etc.
  10. the heightfield plane will provide a map to displace your terrain as it looks in houdini. I use the other maps-debris, flow, etc for shading. For instance, I might want grass or snow in the debris areas.
  11. Atom and I answered that question the other thread
  12. Are you trying to save the heightfield as geometry or are you trying to export the planes as exrs?
  13. Hey, I believe it works best to save a different image for each plane. I would set height for red, green, and blue. I would set format to RGB and ignore alpha. I would also set it to auto remap. hope this helps--
  14. have you tried set planes from sop then switched which layer your viewing to something else? you see where it says "C" in composite view? You should see other options after set planes. Maybe its viewing something from erode like debris but your on the first frame of simulation so there isn't really any data.
  15. FLIP Fluid loses volume after movement

    your collision is really thin. Also it looses volume even when it isnt moving.