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  1. @maulen I wasnt sure about that part : ). At least you have the other part though : ) I saw this video though, maybe the example is in the docs?
  2. Rendering glass in mantra

    Yes I needed to use a reverse. that was my problem. Thanks so much : )
  3. Rendering glass in mantra

    I do, and it still looks different. I just multiplied the same normals by -1 to get them facing the opposite and it looks different
  4. Rendering glass in mantra

    I am confused, my geometry is exactly the same except I did a transform with slight scale and merged it back with the original. But mine looks way different. What is the difference between extruding 1 mm vs transforming 1mm and merging back together?
  5. Rendering glass in mantra

    I meant to say there seems to be little refraction. You can look right through it just fine with out insane distortion. My sphere is super thin and the normals are correct but it displaces everything so much. if the refraction must be 1.4 what then can i change to have less distortion?
  6. Rendering glass in mantra

    if you look at this glass there is seems to be little refraction
  7. Rendering glass in mantra

    actually, it doesnt matter what I do, 1.4 refracts way too much.
  8. Hello, Is it possible to get a reflection pass of an object by itself? For instance, if I have a sphere reflecting on a plane and setup a reflection pass, I see the reflection pass for the whole plane. I only want the reflection of the sphere on the plane, not the whole plane. Thanks
  9. Rendering glass in mantra

    thanks ill check this out @vicvvsh
  10. Rendering glass in mantra

    @toadstorm lol, I actually just made the glass (as you suggested) thinner and it pretty much solved all my problems, lol
  11. Rendering glass in mantra

    thanks for the reply, I will take a look at this..still not sure about the grainy reflections
  12. Hello! I have a few questions about rendering glass/refractive materials in mantra. I found more documentation for renderers like vray and arnold for getting good looking glass. Obviously the parameters are a bit different, but more or less they are very similar. Take a look at this photo about glass and vray from this articles: https://blog.turbosquid.com/2014/04/21/turbotips-v-ray-material-part-3-refraction/ For purposes of testing, I decided to create a similar scene rather then in my main project. That way I can work in a simpler environment and also upload my .hip here. My first question are: Many documentations/sites have the index of refraction (ior) for glass. The article above reads: "IOR is a very important parameter to set correctly, in order for your material to look believable. Fortunately, these values have been calculated for all sorts of materials, so there’s no need to guess here." It then states the ior of glass is around 1.5, which checks in with most other places. How can you just say the IOR of glass is 1.5? Wouldn't some glass have different IOR values? Especially if the glass is flat vs spherical or warped. If I try to match the ior values, it looks nothing like the vray photo. IOR of 1.5 is way too distorted to look correct. Please note that my sphere has an inside and a outside (thickness). I set the normals correctly. It seems having thickness to my sphere causes the ior to double. If I delete the inside of the sphere, it is less distorted. So I try setting the IOR to a lower value. However, once I do that, the reflection becomes too weak and super grainy. Mind my actual project is more complex and the reflections are soooooo grainy. Even with a pixel sample of 20 and turning up my light samples, its still too grainy and takes too long. So why can't I change the IOR for reflectivity separately from refraction? The manual says its not realistic, but its just not working for me when it is tied together. If you look at my photos below (you can make them bigger by clicking them) you can see that 1.5 distorts it too much. In my real scene, I have a snow globe. Whats in snow globe is distorted so badly with 1.5 you can't even see what it is. As I said, if I turn the refraction down to 1.1 or 1.2, I can barely see the reflections and they are SO GRAINY. I tried turning up pixel samples, reflection/refraction quality, the sampling on the lights, but its still way too grainy. Any thoughts/tips? glass_test.hiplc
  13. terrain generation in houdini

    world creator looks sick, dang.
  14. Hello, I don't have any experience with terrains outside houdini. Are the terrain generation tools in houdini suitable for creating terrain with enough detail to look realistic close up, or is it better for background terrain or for seeing large quantities of terrain rather then photo realistic close ups? It seems like a lot of the terrains I see from houdini look good further away, but not so much close up. The ones that do look good close up you don't seem to actually see the terrain because grass, trees, rocks, and bushes are covering up the terrain. Any input would be helpful. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.