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  1. Rotating uv tile

    In case anyone else needs to do this, I made a free hda to do this. you can add noise, rotate, scale and transform randomly!! and it is done all in /mat. Make sure to lay out uv's before using. The hda is included here or you can get it from the link in the video on youtube. uv_randomize_b.hdalc example.hiplc
  2. New Sparse Pyro Retime?

    Is that a render or viewport? I am doing a sim now, it flickers int he viewport with the volume visualization node, but the render is fine.
  3. Rotating uv tile

    I figured out how to rotate them in sops, but I can't figure out how to do in in a material. The earlier example material was nice, but I don't want to create additional rows, I just want to rotate based on the center of the existing uvs.
  4. Help with a basic pyro effect

    Hello, I made this tutorial a while back, this might help you.
  5. getting started in unreal

    Hello I am starting to get into unreal engine. As a vfx artist, I am just looking at getting HDA's/terrains/effects in unreal engine. For such basic usage of unreal engine, would blue print projects offer enough functionality? Thanks
  6. Delete unused groups

    Hey! you'll be happy to know its really easy. Just drop a group delete. then choose delete unused groups and bingo, thats it.
  7. Here is an example using curveu point attribute as a mask to limit noise. vdb_mask.hiplc
  8. @karen its white because you are viewing the wrong pass. IF you look at my photo you have to view the right image plane. Open it in mplay and select diffcolor. you might need to save it as something other then jpeg for multiple channels. Just try by hitting render to mplay and to test it.
  9. vellum orientation constrain freaking out

    thanks, I was able to get it working. MY setup was very specific, I had to attach branches to an already animated "core"
  10. vellum orientation constrain freaking out

    hmm, I think I figured out the problem. Its because the orientation is being calculated every frame and I need to fix the source before it goes into vellum
  11. I would uninstall it again then go to your documents and delete the houdini 18 folder it creates, then reinstall it.
  12. I have a vertical wire that is moving back and forth. I attached some "branches" to the vertical wire. For some reason the orientation bends the direction the vertical wire is bending. How do I fix this? test.hiplc
  13. I did something like this before. You can also do this using texture baking. save_pnoise.hiplc
  14. Underwater Bubbles

    it makes the water swirl more like if you use that on smoke.
  15. Underwater Bubbles

    Hello friend! I have a hip file available [for free of course] here: hopefully this can help you get started