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  1. Particle Fluid Surface node - Mesh 2 together?

    Can't you just use 1 particle fluid surface node and use point attributes on the different meshes to get different settings? Also what skybar said. You can just output vdbs from the particle fluid surface node and combine them together. The vdb it outputs would be identical to mesh it would output.
  2. Fluid Problem

    could you post your scene hip, or at least just the flip part? Maybe you have some stray particles creating those boxes.
  3. Better GPU for work

    Does anyone know how lower end amd gpus like rx 590 work in houdini with open cl? Or is it better to just stick with nvidia for houdini?
  4. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    For anyone that is interested: here is a tutorial on the best method I found to get nice motion. I figured I would post this since I still get messaged about this thread. https://youtu.be/DLSmz9HOKlE
  5. Particle size based on color from texture

    Is this what you are trying to fix? FluidParticlesTEST_2.hiplc
  6. FLIP question [solved]

    because it assigns the geometry a water material and you have materials turned in viewport (most likely)
  7. Save as text

    this option. I don't have it on my personal pc with houdini indie.
  8. Save as text

    Hello, Is the option to save as text not available in houdini indie? I don't see that option on my indie license. Or is the option somewhere else in h17? Thanks
  9. Object not created at correct location [solved]

    I found the problem. Please no one look at the scene. Its because I accidentally copied a box with transform of + 7 in the Y. Stop looking at this thread, nothing to see here!
  10. Hello! would someone mind looking at my scene? I am trying to do an effect where an object splits into two objects, then the new one splits into two and so on. Its similar to recursive box split that farmfield did, except my new boxes are not getting smaller. Any way, I have a wrangle that creates a new point once the age gets past a certain number. In my wrangle I am setting the location of the new point to match the existing point. As you can see in the photo it is being created above the point instead of the same location. What am I doing wrong? Actually in the addpoint I can set any value like {3,0,3} and it still wont go there either. Thanks. dice_dup.003.hiplc
  11. Creating points vex

    thanks : )
  12. Creating points vex

    Hello; I have been creating points in a attribute wrangle set to run over detail. I typed in addpoint(0,{0,0,0}); which simply adds a point at the origin. That's what I have been doing until today when I noticed in the entagma video they type in int pnt0 = addpoint(0,{0,0,0}); What is the benefit of creating a int first vs. the way I have been doing it? Thanks
  13. Particle size based on color from texture

    Is this what you want? You can mix this with the pscale trick from the other file. This time I am just using attribute transfer to get the color from the grid to the particles. Or are you trying to do something with uv's on a flip sim like this? Also there is a example file on mixing flip colors. https://vimeo.com/178384597 pcolor2.hiplc
  14. Particle size based on color from texture

    could you post a photo or the .hip? I think I understand what you are saying but a photo would help. Are you saying the particles come from a box, then flow over a grid with the colors you want?