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  1. Hello, Why do rbd objects ignore velocity past the first frame? Please note I am NOT talking about packed rbd objects. Those work fine. I specifically mean rbd objects. Why can't I add point velocities past the first frame? Thanks
  2. pyro smoke trail

    kinda hard to trouble shoot without a file, but can you try using a volume visualization node and set density to flame/temperature (depending on which you are using for fire). You can then visualize the flame/temp field in the viewport. Is it still disappearing/reappearing? edit: did you cache your pyro simulation? it is possible you dragged the playhead to an uncached area so its rendering incorrectly.
  3. Track pyro simulation to a moving (Alembic) object

    not really sure what you mean but if you use sparse pyro it will automatically resize the container to keep in all the areas with density/flame.
  4. shock wave

    here is a start shock.hiplc
  5. Exporting Pyro Simulation as VDB problem

    when it says out of memory its talking about ram I believe. Try doing the same process but opening up task manager and see if the ram goes to 100% How much ram does your machine have?
  6. Pyro bake volume node isnt working

    Its because you are not sourcing any temperature or burn. If you go to volume rasterize attributes and only use temperature and burn it will be empty. You need to change the coverage attribute to either nothing or change the way you are sourcing (like giving each particle a density value higher then 0). You have density as your coverage attribute and your points that have burn/temperature have a density value of 0. So you are effectively multiplying your burn/temperature by 0. So only density is being sourced.
  7. dealing with open geometry

    sorry, I cannot. But using the different methods listed above pretty much have me covered
  8. dealing with open geometry

    Thanks all for the answers
  9. Sparse Pyro Combustion Emission

    the flame range doesn't actually seem to work for me. Smoke is always emitted everywhere even from the very start.
  10. dealing with open geometry

    Unfortunately that doesn't work. The collision is way too thin. I did something similar. I use a vdb from polygons then reshape sdf on dilate to make it thicker
  11. dealing with open geometry

    oh nice, I will try that
  12. dealing with open geometry

    1000 iq move, lol. I will give that a shot
  13. dealing with open geometry

    haha, unfortunately that doesn't work in this case
  14. dealing with open geometry

    Hello, For some recent freelance work I have received geometry from modeling which will interact as a collider for some smoke simulations. The geometry (as often is the case it seems) isn't properly closed up in areas that are not rendered. I assume modeling thinks if something isn't being rendered the topology isn't important. It's difficult to set up sdf collisions for pyro because everything is open. Any advice for how to deal with this? Is there some alternative to pyro collisions that do not require sdf's, or do I just need to close everything up. I feel like I would spend more time fixing the geometry then doing the simulation : ) Thanks
  15. texture bake seams

    found the problem in an older forum post. In the bake rop driver settings, the the alpha channel is being copied to the extracted image planes. You can just leave that empty and your texture will work.