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  1. Solids from Gases

    there is convert node and there is convert vdb.
  2. pyro detail

    thanks, Ill look into creating a gradient field.
  3. pyro detail

    whats the benefit of using temperature over the flame field? Also I don't think sparse pyro has the rest fields needed for post sim noise. edit: I am referring to sparse solver. It doesn't use heat, just temp and flame/burn.
  4. pyro detail

    Hello! Does anyone have any good idea for getting lots of detail in pyro simulations on the flame field? It seems like no matter what micro solvers I use I always arrive at the same amount of detail. After cranking up microsolvers like gas disturb with crazy values, they eventually just seem to do nothing (making sure I dont have the noise size smaller than division size). But this problem only really seems to happen for the flame field. If I do a density only sim I can make it really detailed. Look at my to photos. Basically same sim, just 1 on flame field and the other 1 on density. It seems like the flame field is getting some smoothing or something the density field isn't.
  5. Pyro sim velocity coming out of blue

    haha, no worries. always soooo many things to check...
  6. Pyro sim velocity coming out of blue

    1. the velocity is because of the gravity node 2. the smoke moves down because of gravity node disable the node and it works as you would expect : )
  7. Flip Fuid Volume Loss

    could you post your scene or a version of it so we can see it?
  8. Clouds

    that first photo- the whispy clouds on top are insane : )
  9. guess he better get started now then : ) Haha, I didn't see the text at the bottom of the image.
  10. right click the last node ----------->save------>texture uv to image.
  11. Minimum size for pyro source

    usually I turn off limit resolution in display options under 3d textures. after that try increasing coverage scale or density to a higher value. Also change pscale to a larger value. Eventually you will be able to see something.
  12. What's right attribute for velocity, v or vel?

    it depends, typically geometry (particles, RBD) uses 'v' while pyro simulations use 'vel'. You can still use v in pyro simulations, in the sop to dop bindings tab you set v to go to vel field.
  13. new pyro solver

    hello, Has anyone here had a chance to use the new pyro solver/the new combustion model with flame/burn? seems really difficult to actually get microsolvers (turbulence, disturb, shred) to actually affect the flame field in a way that looks decent. I noticed that I was cranking values really high just do anything at all to the flame field. It almost seems like its not working properly. As soon as I try same micro solvers on just density (smoke sim), it works fine. It just seems like the flame field doesn't work properly. Thanks
  14. camera track to object track

    Hey, I don't know if it is possible to do that 100% perfect. Here is a scene that works pretty well. The first and last frame are exactly the same, but its a bit off in the middle. This is the closest I could find. extract.hip
  15. Collision VDB caching when simulating with substeps

    Yea, (if its moving) that's why it has $FF as the default. You can test it yourself. If you only cache $F and you go to the global animation options and uncheck integer frame values and a value like 0.1 and scrub through the time line in the dopnet on the non-integer frames the collision object will not move on those frames because there are no substeps when loading the cache (turn off display geometry and view the collision guide).