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  1. Pop solvers and Static objects Collisions

    I did some testing and I believe you are right. I tried making the collision for my character a square and that seemed to change the interaction with the grain. thanks : )
  2. Disturbance in Pyro

    Hi, I have a question about using disturbance with pyro. When I use disturbance with the shelf tool "flames", it works great. It does not change the general motion of the flames but it adds nice detail. However, when I start from scratch (not using shelf tool) I can't seem to get the disturbance to work the same way. Instead, it seems to act more like turbulence, sending the fluid in all directions rather than just adding detail. This is also the same case when I add the "Gas Disturbance" node. It seems to act more like turbulence. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  3. Disturbance in Pyro

    Hey! I am starting to think maybe it's because my fire is emitting much more smoke than the the shelf tool's default setting does. The disturbance is affecting the smoke more than the fire, and I think that is what confused me.
  4. Hi, I am new to houdini, but it seems like this would be simple. How do you open a project using file>open? My file is greyed out. It seems I would go file>open>then select project? Thanks in Advance
  5. How To uh... Open a Project?

    Hey, I set the houdini_access_method to "2" and now it works properly. Thanks
  6. How To uh... Open a Project?

    Hey! That must be it. I have my project on p: drive, which is a network drive at my school. I tried saving a project on c: drive, and I can open it just fine. I will look into what you said and see if I can get it working on p:. Thanks!
  7. Hi, How do I change the subdivisions on the grid in houdini? The option is greyed out. Thanks in Advance
  8. Grid Spacing Houdini

    Wow, I finally figured it out just minutes after posting. It is in the construction plane parameters. I would delete this post but I can't......
  9. Hi, I am not sure what causes this weird render problem. I am trying to make the sphere deform the snow as it moves along. I started off with the sandbox shelf tool. I converted that using the VDB from particles (you can see in the photo below). Then I converted the vdb from particles to a polygon mesh using the VDB convert node. You can see the mesh in the photo. How come when I render it you see all the individual spheres? it clearly does not match the topology from the mesh. Not sure if this affects anything, but I am using the Non Commercial Addition. Thanks in Advance
  10. VDB Converted Mesh Rendering incorrectly

    Hah, perfect. Thanks so much, that definitely was the solution. Thanks : )
  11. Hey, When you are creating a flipbook and the output is set to ip, the documentation says it is then sent to Mplay. What exactly is happening? I can't find this information in the documentation. Is the flipbook stored in RAM then loaded into Mplay? Or is the flipbook cached to a default temp directory on the hard drive then loaded to Mplay? How can I change the directory where it is being saved? I am new to Houdini [was Maya] so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  12. Default Cache Location for Flipbook

    That is what I was initially doing. Writing out image sequence then using nuke to render them as movies. I like leaving the output on ip because it goes directly to Mplay where I can hit one button (export) to make a movie file. I just wish I could figure out where the cache is being saved when I do that. Thanks BTW : )