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  1. Initial State Problems

    I wasn't quite sure what you meant. Are you saying when you scrub the timeline past the first frame your initial state disappears?
  2. caching substeps

    That doesn't solve the problem because it is saving the wrong frame, so it just gets the wrong frame to a specific decimal. It seems impossible to cache 5 substeps. 2 and 4 work perfectly, but 5 and 10 dont work at all. 5 should work fine, 1, 1.2,1.4,1.6,1.8
  3. caching substeps

    seriously? I have been searching the forums for hours I did not see that!!!!!!! haha, thanks, I will check that out.
  4. copy input attributes broken on pyro trail source sop

    thanks! actually, even then the attributes are not copied to the actual particles that are generated, that is just seeing the guides from the last node. if you look at my photo you can see the particles still have a value of 0 for "test". the particles are the thing that pyro trail source is generating, the guides come from the pyro trail path.
  5. Hello, Maybe some one could take a look at this, but I think it might be a glitch/bug with the pyro trail source sop. To begin, all the new pyro sourcing nodes have the option to copy the input attributes so you can copy custom attributes. However, this feature seems to be broken on the pyro trail source node because I don't actually think pressing the button is doing anything (its not linked to anything). All my attributes from the previous node (which of course is the pyro trail path node) are not being copied over to the pyro trail source. Look at my scene/photos, I created a Cd attribute that is green {0,1,0} and a "test" float with the value 2. I added some visualizers so you can see in my one photo that the trail is green and the marker says "2" as everything should be. Once I add my pyro trail source and click copy input attributes, all of my custom attributes go away. Actually, you can still see Cd, but that's because the pyro trail source made its own Cd and its just white, ignored my value. but you can see that "test" is gone. As I said earlier when I looked inside the pyro trail source node, when you click "copy input attributes" nothing actually happens. Its seems to just bee in the parameter interface, but its not actually setup/linked to anything. Any thoughts? source.hiplc
  6. Does anyone one know what causes this/how to fix it? Has anyone else had this problem? After using houdini for a while, when you middle mouse click a node or click the "i" icon, I get this error instead of the node info. Its happens to me on linux, on windows, and on windows through steam houdini. The only thing I can do is close houdini and re-open it. Wasn't sure if this is a bug and should report or is there something I am missing?
  7. Launch houdini from command prompt

    ill check it out thanks edit: using HOUDINI_TEXT_CONSOLE works
  8. Hello, When I use linux, I always launch houdini from terminal. Anytime I need to print data or view something that normally goes to the console window (like how windows 10 outputs stuff) it just goes to terminal window in which I launched houdini. Obviously I can launch houdini in the command prompt on windows by navigating to the folder and typing start hindi.exe, but how do I get it to also output to the command prompt instead of the console window (if possible)? Thanks
  9. hmmm, I seem to have gotten it to work. Seems like bigger objects need more substeps. Thats all.
  10. Hello, Just messing around with gas equalize volume. For some reason it acts strange on large objects. Instead of expanding outward, it just freaks out. If you look at the visualization, sometimes it shows negative divergence, even with a positive number. The sources are the same except for the scale of the cubes. eidt, I looked at the example scene for the gas equalize volume, and it only works on small containers too. If you make the container bigger it explodes. div.hiplc
  11. Hey, This is how I control the focus distance in Maya. I use a measure distance node, then use that distance to drive the focal distance so where ever I move the null, the scene is in focus. Can I do this in Houdini? Is there a measure distance node that can get the distance between two null objects? One null would be at camera's position and the other null where I want to focus. Thanks
  12. Hello, I cant figure out how to render this shot without lots of noise. I am getting ridiculously harsh noise from my hdri reflection off my objects. I turned on image planes to confirm the noise is happening in direct reflect. things I tried: 1. reflection quality-little to no difference 2. sampling quality on light-little to no difference 3. pixel samples- I cranked it all the way up to 10 and it looked better, but was still noisy and took way too long to render 4. noise level-little to no difference So what else can I try? The only thing I found that was viable was turning on sample lock so I dont need super high pixel samples, maybe I can add the noise back in post? Thanks in advance.
  13. direction reflection noise

    For sure, I was able to get away with turning on the sample lock for my render.
  14. hello, I am trying to use the subtract collision volumes on the particle fluid surface node to make my water inside a sphere fit inside. So I converted a sphere to a sdf and used that as the collision. As you can see in the second photo, it deleted the inside, but I want everything on the outside deleted. So I attached a volume wrangle inverting the sdf, but that still didnt work. I am confused why inverting the sdf would not work. thanks in advance
  15. direction reflection noise

    Thanks, for some reason searching these forums can be difficult : )
  16. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    Hey, I have been struggling to get a nice swirling motion in slower moving pyro smoke simulations. In Maya fluids I had an option called swirl witch worked beautifully. I found an old post addressing this issue, but it seems to have died before arriving at a good solution: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/23132-smoke-swirl-vorticity-with-smoke-solver/ Here is a simulation I did in Maya using the swirl attribute. https://youtu.be/Ifd6FJ2oHIc In houdini I have been using disturbance but I don't seem to get the results I want. Disturbance doesn't really seem to add swirl but more turbulent detail. For example, look at this sim I found on vimeo. You can see the disturbance start overpower the simulation towards the end, it doesn't really add a swirling motion. https://vimeo.com/220668349 What is a good Idea to get nice swirls? Thanks
  17. turn off screen window

    thats where I read, but I didnt seen any where to turn it off :(. Sometimes when I am inside like a building model, I have to change the focal length to navigate easier, but then this annoying screen comes up when you change the focal length with ctrl + right clk edit, I am trying to change the FOV but I dont want the screen window darkening everything
  18. Older versions of hou did not do this, but when you change the fov by hitting ctrl + right click, it brings up this annoying screen window. How do you turn it off? Thanks
  19. turn off screen window

    no one knows how to do this : ( seems like it would be a simple fix
  20. getting started in unreal

    Hello I am starting to get into unreal engine. As a vfx artist, I am just looking at getting HDA's/terrains/effects in unreal engine. For such basic usage of unreal engine, would blue print projects offer enough functionality? Thanks
  21. Rotating uv tile

    In case anyone else needs to do this, I made a free hda to do this. you can add noise, rotate, scale and transform randomly!! and it is done all in /mat. Make sure to lay out uv's before using. The hda is included here or you can get it from the link in the video on youtube. example.hiplc uv_randomize_b.hdalc
  22. New Sparse Pyro Retime?

    Is that a render or viewport? I am doing a sim now, it flickers int he viewport with the volume visualization node, but the render is fine.
  23. Rotating uv tile

    I figured out how to rotate them in sops, but I can't figure out how to do in in a material. The earlier example material was nice, but I don't want to create additional rows, I just want to rotate based on the center of the existing uvs.
  24. Help with a basic pyro effect

    Hello, I made this tutorial a while back, this might help you.
  25. Delete unused groups

    Hey! you'll be happy to know its really easy. Just drop a group delete. then choose delete unused groups and bingo, thats it.