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  1. How do you advect velocity field by ifself?

    I see what your problem is. My recommendation is to first get the shape you want with particles then use that as the source for your density/velocity. Using copy of the velocity limits the use of the other microsolvers and you probably wont get very natural motion. I had a similar problem with gas curve force. I saw a video of someone using chaos groups's phoenix fd emitting fire around a curve and wanted to do the same in hou. After messing around I came to the conclusion that if you want to make pyro/smoke solver move in a specific motion use particles as the source.
  2. I just used a collision source sop paired with static object dop and it seems to work fine. I didn't even add substeps or anything. You can see in this photo the smoke flows around the collision. car_steamUC_post_v0002_fix.hip
  3. Issue with pyro emitted from particles

    haha glad you fixed it
  4. Issue with pyro emitted from particles

    could you post a photo of the problem?
  5. Hi, Question about about viewing vdbs in the viewport. If you have a vdb, and turn up the anti aliasing samples, it causes the vdb to appear "open" in the viewport and you see square patches. The higher the samples the worse it gets. This only affects the viewport, it I convert it back to polygons everything is fine. This doesn't seems to happen in 16.5. Is this intended fuctionality? Thanks
  6. Initial State with Vellum Grains

    In the dopnet there is a output node. You can save to disk the frame you want to be the initial state. On the dopnet node, under simulation use that frame for initial state. Hope this helps.
  7. There is actually an easy way to adjust this. You can just adjust the viewport settings for the template only. (not selectable template) You can take it off ghosted, etc.
  8. I add a color node with the color I want then control click the display for selectable template flag.
  9. Smoke Sim- vel not coming through?

    hello! I made a few changes, I changed the vector type to displacement/velocity/acceleration. The reason it wasnt working was the source volume was set to v (on volume source dop), but it should have been vel to match the vdb : ) hope this helps smoke_sim_vel_mystery_fixed.hipnc
  10. Smoke Sim- vel not coming through?

    could you post scene? kinda hard to say whats wrong with out looking at it.
  11. Assign texture around a point

    hey, not sure if this is what you are talking about, but rohan davli has a tutorial here: https://www.rohandalvi.net/baking one of the textures he makes uses curvature to get scratches and dings.
  12. detangle sop

    thanks : )
  13. detangle sop

    Hey! Does anyone know what the purpose of the 3rd input of the detangle sop is? It says "old collision geometry", but there is nothing about it in the docs. Thanks in Advance!
  14. CPU getting old?

    Hey : ) I have (as you can see in my signature) a old 4790k cpu, but a much newer rtx 2060. I just ran a pyro sim with openCL of 90 frames and it finished very quickly at 4 mins 30 seconds. When I use my cpu only (openCL off) it takes over 30 minutes to finish. Before I had my 2060, I was running a 970. OpenCL sims were faster than the cpu on that card too, but not that much faster. Is this just sign my I need to replace my cpu? The only reason I am hesitant is that I would also have to buy a new mother board and ram to go along with it. Thanks-------
  15. Increase FLIP viscosity with particle age?

    hey, here is a file. It shows a way to make a birth & age attribute. hope this helps------ flip_age.hipnc
  16. disabling a node via wrangle

    I am not sure about that, but can't you use a switch node and switch to the same node chain minus the node you want disabled.
  17. bake volume lighting

    ill give this a shot
  18. Hey, Houdini has a node called bake volume. It works really well, but it only lets you bake lighting from the built in point light. Is it possible to bake the lighting from my scene lights? Thanks
  19. Is this even possible? (HDA Question)

    This is just my opinion from my limited knowledge, but I would say you would not be able to create an asset with fully procedural controls. You might be able to make it procedural to a certain extent. When you design something procedurally you are executing a carefully planned set of nodes all the way from the top to the bottom, often starting from points or lines. If you are starting with a pre-made asset it seems you would be losing a lot of control you would gain from the inital nodes you would typically use. Hopefully someone else who has more experience than me can weight in.
  20. implicit cast vector to float? [solved]

    I just saw this in the manual: The comparison operators (==, !=, <, <=, >, >=) are defined when the left hand of the operator is the same type as the right hand side, for string, float and integer types only. The operations result in integer types. @vtrvtr you are 100% right
  21. Hey! I am trying to delete geometry by comparing two vectors. For some reason (also it only seems to compare the first dimension in the vector rather then each value) I keep getting a implicit cast (vector to float) error even though I am comparing two vectors. How does that make any sense? Do I have to compare the individual values rather a the vector as a whole? Thanks in advance edit: Also v@test I set to {2,2,2}, but some areas have {2,2,0.5}. If thres is {2,2,1} shouldn't areas with {2,2,0.5} get deleted? because {2,2,0.5} < {2,2,1}? Evan
  22. implicit cast vector to float? [solved]

    Thanks so much! That would make sense.
  23. While you are exporting I believe it is saving temporary files to a location (which I didn't have permission to write to). It tells you where in error. I used the chown command to give permission to write data there.
  24. Hello friends, I am trying to export from a mplay using ffmpeg. However, I keep getting this error (shown in photo). Any idea how to fix this? I am using Ubuntu 18.04 Thanks, ER
  25. VDB From Primitive

    If you want to use actual geometry have you tried using polygons but on the copy node turning on pack and instance.