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  1. Changing color of objects

    hahaha thanks man!! Now I need to figure out who you are Appreciate it!
  2. Changing color of objects

    Thanks, any examples you can kindly share, im not very familiar with Vex yet. Thanks.
  3. Changing color of objects

    Thanks, sorry my bad By the way was there a link? Couldnt find it in search
  4. Hi guys, I have a group of spheres filling an object, and I have 1 sphere that is animated going in and out of that sphere. Is there a way that I can let the color of the scattered spheres change based on their proximity with the animated sphere? Thanks!
  5. High Subdivisions

    Thanks guys! The subdivs on VrayProxy work great! Appreciate it!
  6. High Subdivisions

    For some reason in Max when I add the turbosmooth, even at a value of 0 (and render value at 1 or 2), it still doesnt accept to add that modifier, i think just because of how big the file is.
  7. High Subdivisions

    Cool thanks man!
  8. Hi guys, Im working in Houdini and exporting my file as an Alembic to render it back in 3D Max with Vray. My question is, I need to render my final scene with everything looking nice and smooth, if I import it into Max and apply the TurboSmooth (subdivide) modifier, it cant handle it, and if I do it in Houdini and export, my Alembic will just be ridiculously huge. Any suggestions or quick tips you guys recommend? Thanks!
  9. Cloth Simulation

    Hi guys, Any thoughts on how I could create something like this? Thanks a lot!
  10. Point Cloud Lattice

    Thanks man, thanks big time!!
  11. Point Cloud Lattice

    Hey man, thanks again for this, looks amazing! I tried loading it in the latest build of Houdini but still getting an error and the scene loads up without any smoothing or welded vertices, any idea what I can do to overcome that? Thanks!
  12. Point Cloud Lattice

    Thanks so much man, very helpful and much appreciated!!
  13. Loading Errors

    Hi guys, I keep getting errors when loading files posted by other users on this forums, can it be because im using Houdini 15.5? Any help would be great, thanks!
  14. Point Cloud Lattice

    Wow very cool, do you think you can share the file or your process? Thanks!
  15. Point Cloud Lattice

    Wow, PERFECT! super cool thanks for showing how you do it, super helpful! 1 last followup question, I cant seem to open the file and get this error, any idea? Im using Houdini 15.5 does that matter? Thanks!