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  1. Cloth Simulation

    Hi guys, Any thoughts on how I could create something like this? Thanks a lot!
  2. Point Cloud Lattice

    Thanks man, thanks big time!!
  3. Hi guys, We have discussed something similar to this on this forum before, but I would greatly appreciate some help on achieving something almost exactly as this. It's a lattice structure made up of a point cloud, it fills a volume, and the points of the surface of the volume connect rather than cutting off, any tips, idea, or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!
  4. Point Cloud Lattice

    Hey man, thanks again for this, looks amazing! I tried loading it in the latest build of Houdini but still getting an error and the scene loads up without any smoothing or welded vertices, any idea what I can do to overcome that? Thanks!
  5. Point Cloud Lattice

    Thanks so much man, very helpful and much appreciated!!
  6. Loading Errors

    Hi guys, I keep getting errors when loading files posted by other users on this forums, can it be because im using Houdini 15.5? Any help would be great, thanks!
  7. Point Cloud Lattice

    Wow very cool, do you think you can share the file or your process? Thanks!
  8. Point Cloud Lattice

    Wow, PERFECT! super cool thanks for showing how you do it, super helpful! 1 last followup question, I cant seem to open the file and get this error, any idea? Im using Houdini 15.5 does that matter? Thanks!
  9. Point Cloud Lattice

    Any luck ?
  10. Point Cloud Lattice

    haha agreed, thanks man, excited to see what you can land on, would be amazing to do this in Houdini!
  11. Point Cloud Lattice

    Thats very cool, for the volume yes exactly!! For the outside of the surface, would be cool if it can become like a ring/curve instead of just connecting vertically/horizontally. Is that doable? Also could I control the distribution of the scattered points and offset every other row to become more of a diamond shape vs square shape? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I just finished this Entagma tutorial which was great, and am having 1 issue: http://www.entagma.com/packing-the-torus Packing a torus or a cube is working perfect for me, but when I go ahead and import a shape from illustrator, extrude it, and use it as my geometry, it works up to the point where i start to boolean my spheres using the "Cookie" node. Any suggestions what Im doing wrong? Please let me know if I should attach my scene if this is confusing. Thanks and all the best.
  13. copy to points

    Perfect that was it, works perfectly, thanks man!
  14. copy to points

    Hi guys, I am following a tutorial from Entegma that ends with using the "copy to points" node. I am using Houdini 15.5 and can't seem to find the same or similar node, any idea what I can use or if it has a different name? Thanks a lot!
  15. copy to points

    As you can see the functions are different and also my colors dont move through when using that normal copy node.
  16. copy to points

    The functions are different though.
  17. Hi guys, I know this was done in grasshopper and curious if it can be done in Houdi? I would like to create these voronoi cells or any shape of cells, to become big and small, while packed together, based off an image/map, is that possible? Im a bit new to Houdini and any help would be great. Thanks a lot!
  18. Circle Packing based off a map

    Thanks, and are there any tutorials on that?
  19. Lattice Volume

    Hi guys, I would like to fill an imported obj that I modeled outside of houdini, with a lattice structure, I looked for a lot of tutorials but couldn't find what I was looking for, any thoughts or ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks a lot!
  20. Lattice Volume

    Hi again, I have 1 issue with that algorithm, and that is that the points dont weld properly. I played with the settings to merge the points but it doesnt seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks.
  21. Lattice Volume

    Thanks man!!
  22. Lattice Volume

    Im kind of new to Houdini, that sounds really great but Im kind of lost lol... Is there any tutorial or example files I could peak into? Thanks!
  23. Hi guys, I've been trying to create attractors in houdini, all the tutorials and videos I look at are different to what attractors are referred to in 3D Max and Rhino/Grasshopper, I'm basically looking to morph certain shapes into different shapes/sizes/colors where the attractors live. Im trying to do something like this, any references to good tutorials or files out there?
  24. Attractors in Houdini

    Awesome resource thanks for sharing!
  25. Hi guys, I've created a noise curl effect in Houdini, and trying to export the lines as splines so I can further work with it in 3D Max, any suggestions on how I can do that without giving it thickness in Houdini which would make it into a mesh? Thanks a lot!