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  1. I want to bend each point based on it's "bend" attribute value.
  2. Hi; In "Principled Shader/ Bump & Normals", there is an option called "Image Plane". I can't find any useful document about it. So, what is this tab for and how could I create an Image Plane? Is this for using COMPs as a texture input? Thanks.
  3. float theta = @bend * ch('rotation'); Hi Aizatulin, thank you
  4. Hi Guys; I tried to create a small fire like a matches flame, but my problem is what I see in viewport is very different from render output. How could I fix this? Thanks. Flame_01.hip
  5. Hell; In my "material builder" network, I would like to change color of my material (base color), over time. When I add a ''Principled Shader" outside of "material builder" network, it works fine but inside "material builder" network it doesn't... How can I fix this? (I think Houdini compiles "material builder" just once ) Thanks. MaterialChange.hip
  6. (First of all, thank you for the hip file) SO you mean in some Houdini SOPs, we can't use "per points" values to vary the results on each point, right? if so, can I use "foreach point" loops?
  7. Please take a look at my scene : bend.hip
  8. But this will get just attribute value of point zero...
  9. Hi guys; I would like to control bend value of "Bend SOP", using an attribute, So I add a point attribute (called bend), but it doesn't works.
  10. Wow, I learned a lot of new things. Thank you.
  11. Thank you "anim"; Very good points. Honestly, I'm not that good at VEX to solve this.
  12. Please help; The last point in group selection always overwrites everything. How could I solve this problem? Attribute Ramp_03.hip
  13. Thank you "kleer001", So, how could I handle situations like this?
  14. Hi Guys; In point wrangle SOP, when I select some points (in group tab) to apply the codes, the last selected point always overwrite the other ones. It seems that point wrangle doesn't execute codes line by line, right? When I apply codes to points, one by one (I mean a point wrangle for each selected point) it works fine. Please take a look at my files (to visualize it, I applied my attribute to P.y ) : Attribute Ramp_02.hip