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  1. Hi; In my FlipFluid simulation, I tried to use a volume as a collision, but it doesn't work. How can I fix this? Thanks for helping. VolumeCollision_Test_01.hip
  2. 3D to 2D(UV) and back to 3D

    Hi Rival; Please look for "ENTAGMA Knitting in 3d - Building a UV Deformer" in google. It helps a lot.
  3. Isometric view

    Hello :
  4. Hello; I would like to assign one material, to several objects, but changing Texture/Color based on an attribute (as an integer ID), so I add an assemble SOP to generate IDs, and a switch node in the material network, but it doesn't works. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. Muti_Color_01.hip
  5. Bend SOP issue...

    Actually, no. According to sidefx, this is a bug that they removed it in new built of Houdini.
  6. Hi guys; To fill a bag with some candies, I tried to use vellum cloth for the bag, an rigid body as candies, but I can't make them to collide with each other. How can I fix it? Thanks. Test_01.hip
  7. Hi; In "Bend" SOP, I would like to use a group name to bend some part of my geometry, but it doesn't show my group name, in the select group tab! Is this a bug? Thanks.
  8. Melting geometry, UV issue...

    Thank you "KarlRichter";
  9. Hi "anim", The problem is I want to assign a fix, velocity noise to points, and when I use noise in a Dop, "POP VOP" node, it changes noise over time. I just want to scale velocity over time.
  10. It doesn't work.
  11. Hi; In a particle fluid simulation, I add velocity using "point vop". The problem is the particles start to move very fast from beginning, but I want they start to move by ease. How cant I increase particle's speed (velocity), over time? Thanks. Fluid_Velocity.hip
  12. Hi; How can I add velocity to a fluid points, to generate such a splashing sphere (like the image below)? Thanks for helping.
  13. Hi Atom; Your scene is awesome. I tried to mimic your workflow in H18, but there is no "static object" node for collision in your scene, and particles collide the geometry! I guess you use "Source Volume" to handle collision, right? but I can't find "Source Volume" in H18. (Here I uploaded my modified scene). Thanks. Test8.hip