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  1. Hello; When I set "Focal Length" of Houdini's camera to 35mm, is this equal to a real 35mm camera lens? Thanks.
  2. Hi; I have a pre-fractured vellum cloth that is fixed in place using these attributes: i@stopped = 1; i@gluetoanimation = 1; I have some particles that collide with this cloth, and they change those attributes to tear cloth pieces at that collision place. The problem is activated cloth pieces never rest, and they pass through each other in some frames. Thanks for helping. Vellum_Particle.hip
  3. Hi; In a vellum cloth sim, I would like to pin some points for some frames, and then unpin them gradually. I created an animated group called "pin" and added a "pin to target constraint" inside vellum solver, but it doesn't work. Thanks for helping. Pin to Target.hip
  4. Hi; In Vellum , is it possible to change the shape of input geometry, over time? I have a line in my scene that grows (in length) over time, and I would like to use it in vellum-hair, but it seems that vellum just uses first frame. Thanks.
  5. Hi "hi_dini"; Is this what you want? : custom_velField_2.hip
  6. Hi; In a vellum cloth simulation, I need to keep the original shape of my cloth object as much as possible. I tried to increase bend stiffness and stretch stiffness but it doesn't works. Later, I would like to paint an attribute like "stretchstiffness" on that cloth, to control areas that I want to be more stretched... Thanks. BaseMesh.bgeo Vellum_Cloth_01.hip
  7. I find another solution, so I add a "Pin to Target" vellum node, but it needs that all point numbers be matched point to point (All Pin point numbers to all Target point numbers)! In my scene points on cloth starts from 0 to 49, and on animated geometry they are from 1 to 50 . How could I match these point's numbers? Vellum_Pin to target.hip
  8. I attached animated geometry to 3th input of vellum. Now it's Ok but new problem is "Collision" as you can see bellow: Vellum_Pin to target2.hip
  9. Thank you "bonsak"; now it works but I need collision and when I turn collision on, the cloth behaviors strangely!
  10. Hi; To pin some points on a vellum cloth, to an animated geometry, I tried these steps: 1) I add a “Vellum Attach to Geometry” SOP. 2) I grouped boundary points (“pin” group) on my cloth geometry. 3) In “Target Path” on “Vellum Attach to Geometry” SOP, I set path of my animated geometry. but it doesn't work ! Thanks for helping. Vellum_Pin to target.hip
  11. Hi "anim"; Very useful notes. How could I do the same thing without converting my geometry to a HDA? Should I use "Action Button"?