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  1. Hello; Please take a look at image bellow. I have some questions about texture browsing in Houdini: 1) In texture path, how can I reset image history? 2) Is there any option to browse COPs oprators (like CTRL + Click on file browser)? Thanks.
  2. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    Please open like bellow, it includes hip file too:
  3. Hello; Please help : I need to move my geometry perpendicular to existing Normals. Thanks. CrossNormal_01.hip
  4. Hi; I would like to smooth some selected points on my geometry, but it seems that "Smooth SOP" just accepts primitives, right? Is there any way to smooth (selected) points? Thanks for helping.
  5. Thank you "ejr32123", awesome.
  6. how to make Mesh growth Transformation

    Hi; I think you should watch and mix, these kind of tutorials:
  7. Hi "Vishal"; As "ejr32123" said too, by turning on " Selectable Template Flag " and adding a color SOP, I changed Templated node's color, but the problem is I don't want it be selectable, and changing config file is not a good idea I think. Any other ideas?
  8. Hi; When I toggle a node's flag to "Template", Houdini displays it in a gray color. How can I change color (brightness) of a template node? Thanks for helping.
  9. Hi "pabcou", Thank you, Snap To, moves pivot to default position which is want I want, but how can I rotate it to default rotation?
  10. Hello; I detached pivot of a geometry (by using Right click / Attach to Geometry), and after some modifications, I would like to reset it to it's default position/rotation, but I can't find any option. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks.
  11. Hi "Tamagochy"; I tried this, and it works : Measure02.hip