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  1. How can I show the Vellum Grains as sand sprites?

    Thank you, John
  2. Hi guys, In H19.5 I tried to use the Vellum Grain, but it doesn't show the grains as a sand sprite (as usual). How can I fix it? Thanks, for helping. Vellum Sprite.hip
  3. Hi guys, I would like to get rid of the mushroom effect and add more and more small details to my pyro sim, but I don't know what parameters or fields are responsible for this. I tried "Disturbance", "Turbulence", "Velocity", "Gas Disturb", and "Gas Project nondivergent", ... without success! How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. Pyro.hip
  4. Hi guys, I have two RBD objects, floating on FLIP-fluid. I set the Density (mass) to 400 (lower than the fluid mass). When two objects are of the same amount of mass, they have to react in the same way, right? I mean in this case, they have to stay on the surface. The problem is the bigger object stays on the surface, but the smaller one sinks into the fluid: - How can I fix it? - How can I set the density(mass) in the SOP level (as an RBD source)? Thanks for helping. Floating RBDs.hip
  5. Hi guys, In a 2D shape, I need to retrieve the distance of every point to its boundaries, so I tried to use (a 2D) SDF, but it doesn't works properly. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. Distance To Boundries.hip
  6. Hi Lawrence, I need to use more than 50 objects floating in the water, so I can't use an RBD per object.
  7. Hi guys, I tried to use "RBD Packed Object" + "FLIP fluid" and as you can see in the image bellow, the boxes sink into the fluid after a while. How can I fix it? The DOP creates some volumes inside the boxes, and I guess they are somehow a collision volume representation, but I don't know how to increase their resolution. As soon as the volumes disappear, the boxes sink into the fluid. Thanks for helping. Floating RBD Packed object_01.hip
  8. Hi Tesan, Thank you for the reply. Honestly, I'm new to CHOPs, so the scene you sent me seems somehow complicated. I tried to use the "Shift CHOPs" node, but the value of the all points attribute are the same: CHOPs_Random Attrib 03.hip
  9. I tried the "For-Each" node, but there are still some issues! CHOPs_Random Attrib 02.hip
  10. Hi guys, I would like to fetch an attribute from geometry and use it to change some parameters in the CHOP network. The idea is to vary (offset) a CHOP "Wave" phase parameter for each point of the geometry. Thanks for helping. CHOPs_Random Attrib.hip
  11. Vellum grain clustering pieces issue...

    Any idea?
  12. Hi guys, In a Vellum grain sim, I would like several chunks (clusters) to interact, but not stick to each other. As you can see in the image below they stick after the collision. How can I fix it? According to the documentation, there is an option in the Vellum Solver node called "Ignore Neighbors in Same Piece": https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/vellumsolver.html I tried to use this option, but it doesn't work. Thanks for helping. Vellum Grain_02.hip
  13. I found this tutorial but it's a very complicated workflow: And somehow it tells me there is not a DOP node for such tasks, right?!
  14. Hi guys, I know how to use pre-fractured objects in an RBD simulation, but is there any workflow for Dynamic Fracturing? Thanks for helping.
  15. Detangle SOP issue

    Any idea?