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  1. Hi; I would like to control the rotation of one object by another one, using CHOPs. My parent object rotation is on the "Y" axis, but the CHOP node, overrides rotation of the "X" axis..! How can I fit this? Thanks. CHOP.hip
  2. Hi, Today I solved the problem by enabling the "Export" flag on the last node. Thanks.
  3. Hi; Please take a look at my scene, I tried to test a very basic CHOP setup, so I applied a wave node to a sphere to move it, but it doesn't work! How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. CHOPs.hip
  4. "Lattice SOP" issue..!

    Hello; Please take a look at the image below. Why moving lattice points make this odd result? Thanks. Lattice_issue.hip
  5. Hi; I would like to create a VDB from a polygon (that contains UV texture) and after some deformations (like anti-alias noise), I would like to convert it back to polygon. I tried to transfer UV attribute from volume to deformed polygon by turning the "Transfer Surface Attribut" option ON, in "ConvertVDB SOP", but it doesn't work in some parts of the final result. Thanks for helping. uv_Volume.hip
  6. I tried it, but is there any better way?
  7. Hi Christopher, Do you mean you need to emit particles along a path, same as what you have as emitter shape?
  8. Hi again; Finally I solved it, but now I would like to distort the shape using a noise. Any idea? Thanks. Volume_Pattern_02.hip
  9. Hello; I would like to apply patterns like "Rings", "Stripes" or "Ripple" to a volume, using "Volume VOP", but it doesn't work. So, how can I fix this? Thanks for helping. Volume_Pattern_01.hip
  10. Thanks "Bonsak", good idea. But when I set "Output Attribute" to "Average Points", it shows some points that are not at the center of each cluster.
  11. Hi; I tried to use "sidefx Labs Path Deform", but the geometry follows only rough version of my curve, and itsn’t exactly placed on the path. How can I fix this? Thanks for helping. Test_A_01.hip
  12. I'm looking for some advanced POP fluid tutorial.

    Hi "Noobini", I have seen it before, and I'm looking for some more tutorials.