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  1. Vellum apply motion force, issue...

    Hi, "Tesan" Yes, I used the same workflow, but as I said, the problem is: the force that I have created works just at the starting of the simulation.
  2. Vellum apply motion force, issue...

    Any idea?
  3. Hi; How can I delete smoke which enters inside a geometry (volume)? Thanks for helping. Smoke_Erase.hip
  4. Hello; In a vellum simulation, I tried to move a "worm" by applying some forces to it, inside of a "SOP Solver". So I tried to extract the velocity from a "bend" animation, and convert it to force, to move that worm. The problem is it applies that force just once. How can I fix this (or is it the right way to apply motion to a vellum object)? Thanks for helping. Anim_Worm_01.hip
  5. Vellum hair issue...

    Thank you Tomas, perfect!
  6. Vellum hair issue...

    Hello; I would like to spawn some falling wires that fall on a sphere, so I tried to use vellum hair, but the result is not stable as you can see in the image below. So, how can I fix it? Thanks for helping. FallingWires_01.hip
  7. Thanks "Victor".
  8. 2D shapes boolean issue...

    Thank you "igor"
  9. Hi "Lawrence", and thank you for your reply. I think if I use Ray-SOP, then I will lose most of the details on the fluid surface.
  10. Hello; In a flip-fluid simulation, I would like to create a very thin layer of fluid that moves on a wavy surface. I decreased particle separation to 0.001 and I increased the "Particle radius scale" to 3, but the fluid is still thick. How can I decrease its thickness? Thanks for helping.
  11. Hi; In a “Copy Stamp SOP”, I tried to create a random integer attribute ranged from 0 to 10, but it creates values from 2 to 9. How can I fix this? Thanks for helping. CopyFit.hip
  12. Smoothing connected curves issue ....

    Thanks, good idea, but can I fix this problem with NURBS?
  13. Hello; I tried to smooth 4 connected (using PolyPath SOP) curves by converting them to the NURBS curve, but it seems that it doesn't smooth the start and end of the curve. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. NURBS.hip
  14. 2D shapes boolean issue...

    Hi; I tried to use boolean SOP on some 2D shapes, but the resulting geometry is not that clean. How can I get a clean result without unnecessary polygons? Thanks. Boolean2D.hip
  15. "Join SOP" issue...

    Thank you.