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  1. Thanks everyone, very good tips!
  2. Hi guys, As you can see here, I deformed a curve using "Full Body IK" and "RigPose" nodes. How can I deform a geometry (Tube) with that deformed curve? Thanks for helping. CurveDeformationRig_01.hip
  3. Hi guys; In a "foreach" loop, how can I retrieve “iteration” value from the "metadata", to write in a parameters tab? Thanks for helping.
  4. Hi; In a Copy Stamp SOP, I would like to pass different bend values to each copy of geometry, based on a point attribute. I don't know where should I place the "Bend SOP" ,and how to retrieve the values. Thanks for helping. Vary_Bend.hip
  5. Hi; How can I create a random color for each connected piece? Is there a sop node for this purpose? Thanks for helping.
  6. Bend and Taper SOP isuue...

    Hi; I would like to apply taper in just one direction as you can see in the image below. How is it possible in Houdini? Thanks for helping.
  7. Massive slowdown at Merge Node

    Hi; I think: because each group of your objects in your merge node inputs are too far away from eachother, merging them you will create a huge bounding box in memory, so Houdini have to handle a big cluster of memory...
  8. POP Sourcing into specific DOP object

    Hi; Please explain more, or upload a hip or image file.
  9. Hi; I'm looking for some training on how to work with DOP Data. I mean several ways to fetching and applying DOP data, to control velocity, temperature, and so on... Thanks for helping.
  10. mixamo crowds

    Hi; Maybe this helps: mixamo_crowd_Edited.hiplc
  11. Hi Tesan, I think there is no way to weld those points. Maybe I should change my workflow.
  12. Hello Tesan; Want to thank you for your quick reply, but I need to fix the penetrations (I mean not curve's "banking"). Here is what I need to fix:
  13. Hi guys; I tried to deform a box using "GameDev Path Deform" as you can see in the image below which works fine but how can I fix the artifacts (penetrations) at the overlapping areas? (I mean I need to fix the penetrations and make a clean topology). Thanks for helping. PathDeform.hip
  14. Hi Tesan, Thank you for the reply, but the particles don't move in your scene, too!