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  1. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    I think : - Improve 2D Curves and curve tools (working with Houdini's curve is awful )... - Improve Poly-Split SOP to cut along a infinite line like "Quick Slice" in 3dsmax... Sometimes poly-split doesn't works properly in when you set path type to "Edge Loop" - Add "Connect Selected Points" option to Poly-Split SOP.... - Add a "Show Edge and Half-Edge's Number" ... - Export camera and nulls to After Effects ... - Add a "Collapse SOP ": when you want to make a 3d model in Houdini and you don't need that long queue of nodes ... - Add a new option to "Remesh SOP" that makes quads or triangles ... - Add a new option to "Transform SOP" : if you create a geometry far from {0,0,0} world coordinate, and add a Transform SOP, by pressing "Move Centroid to origin" it moves that geo to center of Transform SOP, but I need to move the Transform SOP to the geo's location. - Ability to "Zoom In/Out" in Camera viewport without changing camera's transform. - In an Orthographic viewport (Top,Left,Right ..), Ability to rotate view around the view center ((like Alt + middle mouse button in 3dsmax).). - Add a "Place Hotspot" tool to lights , to quickly adjust light's direction. - Add a "Polygonal Lasso Tool" selection, like photo shop "Polygonal Lasso Tool" ... - Add a selection list option in " File/Merge", to filter contents that you need to merge in current scene... - In "File/Import/Export", ability to Import/Export selected objects... - A way to selecting primitives that are between two other primitives. Currently I hide other primitives to select such a primitives.(and again in 3dsmax you can simply click several times on polygons and it selects such polygons)... - Ability to changing object's opacity in viewport... - Add a "Refresh folder" button to all file browsers … and show images bigger, in image browser - Add "Render time of last frame", in render viewport (render sequence). - Add file extension automatically(based on selected extension) to file name, when you forget to type the extension. - Ability to lock a node as "last node" in network view.( this node always will be the final node) . long list huh? ....
  2. Hi; Poly-Bridge SOP connects edge-loops and pairs them automatically, but I want to pair them manually. Is it possible? PolyBridge.hip
  3. Hello; Poly-Bridge SOP connects edge-loops automatically, but I want to pair them manually. Is it possible? Thanks for helping. PolyBridge.hip
  4. Thank you Julian, it works fine.
  5. Hi; In VEX, I want to select boundary edge loops, based on a points group. Here is my point wrangle codes: int Array[]; if(inpointgroup(0,"PointsGroup",@ptnum)==1) { append(Array,@ptnum); foreach(int ix; Array) { int ShEdges = pointhedge(0,ix); if (hedge_isprimary(0,ShEdges)==1) { setedgegroup(0,"SelEdgesGroup",hedge_srcpoint(0,ShEdges), hedge_dstpoint(0,ShEdges),1); } } } The problem is, it selects only some edges like image bellow. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks BoundryEdges_01.hip
  6. Hi  " Janis " ;

    I have same problems in FEM. Could you please post your hip file here?

    related to your posted image at :


  7. FEM flesh rip

    Hi " cudarsjanis " ; I have same problem. Could you please post you hip file (related to your posted image above), here? Thanks
  8. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I wish Houdini adds: 1) A Path Deform modifier. 2) Make any viewport to a perspective from that point of view (Like 3ds max viewports) 3) Change each viewport separately to a Wireframe, smooth shaded mood ... 4) Changing size of a node in Network view, to highlight it. 5) Select multiple objects in a viewport and rotate all of them around center of selection ( and to do this I don't want to parent them to a null). 6) Align an object or an UV to viewport. 7) Add a method to control curves using "Bezier handles" (like 3ds max). 8) Add a "Select border" to selection, like 3ds max. 9) Changing view port Background color to a custom color ( Light-Dark-Gray-Custom )
  9. Hello; In my “Attribute VOP” , I add a “Bind Export” node, called “HitDistance” attribute. (Actually, this attribute gives me the distanse of a geo to particles hit location). Now in my SHOP node, I would like to set the smoke intensity , using “HitDistance” attribute. Question is how could I access that value? Thanks. MSD.