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  1. Hello; In the UV edit view, I want to load a texture from disk, as a UV background, but I can't find any option. Thanks for helping.
  2. 2D shapes boolean issue...

    Thank you "igor"
  3. 2D shapes boolean issue...

    Hi; I tried to use boolean SOP on some 2D shapes, but the resulting geometry is not that clean. How can I get a clean result without unnecessary polygons? Thanks. Boolean2D.hip
  4. Hi "Lawrence", and thank you for your reply. I think if I use Ray-SOP, then I will lose most of the details on the fluid surface.
  5. Hello; In a flip-fluid simulation, I would like to create a very thin layer of fluid that moves on a wavy surface. I decreased particle separation to 0.001 and I increased the "Particle radius scale" to 3, but the fluid is still thick. How can I decrease its thickness? Thanks for helping.
  6. Hi; In a “Copy Stamp SOP”, I tried to create a random integer attribute ranged from 0 to 10, but it creates values from 2 to 9. How can I fix this? Thanks for helping. CopyFit.hip
  7. Smoothing connected curves issue ....

    Thanks, good idea, but can I fix this problem with NURBS?
  8. Hello; I tried to smooth 4 connected (using PolyPath SOP) curves by converting them to the NURBS curve, but it seems that it doesn't smooth the start and end of the curve. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. NURBS.hip
  9. "Join SOP" issue...

    Thank you.
  10. "Join SOP" issue...

    Hi; I tried to connect some curves using "Join SOP", but the result is odd! How can I fix this? Thanks. Join.hip
  11. Hello; I'm looking for some tips, guides, or tutorials about how to apply an attribute like Cd to modify (or animate) the "Rest Length (scale)" of vellum. Thanks for helping. Vellum_RestLength_01.hip
  12. Hello; How can I retrieve a (ramp) attribute value (like the “curveu” attribute in "Resample SOP"), from some selected edges? I mean a (ramp pos) attribute value from 0 to 1, from the start of some selected edges to the end of that selection. Thanks for helping. Ramp.hip
  13. Hi " Vusta ", Thank you for your reply. Your solution works, but I want to use the VEX functions...
  14. Hello; In a particle sim, I want each particle to fly to a goal point, but before reach to the goal, they should fly around (in a noisy path) like a bee. The problem is, they fly straight to the target (which I want to fly around), and after that, they don't stop! Thanks for helping. Particles_01.hip
  15. Extracting outer shell while ignoring internal geometry

    And please take a look at this tutorial, from Digital Tutors, too : https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/advanced-rigid-body-dynamics-proxy-objects-2003
  16. Hi; I want to sew, cut, and all editing things which I can do in the UV-Flatten SOP, on an existing UV. The reason I don't use the UV-Flatten is I don't want to start defining UV seams and islands from scratch. Is there any UV_SOP for it? Thanks for helping.
  17. Sorry, but I think it's not a very practical workflow...
  18. Cloth deformation with smoke, issue...

    Any idea?
  19. Hello; I tried to deform a cloth object with the smoke, but how can I stop the smoke from passing through? Thanks for helping. Cloth_Smoke_Collision_01.hip
  20. Pop Forces and RBD

    Hi; You can break constraints in several ways. Please take a look at some tutorials like this: or this:
  21. Particles not sticking to volume ?

    Take a look at this thread: