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  1. Packed RBD Objects and Flip Explodes

    Hello, I think this can help:
  2. Can you test your scene in another Houdini version, for say Houdini 17.5? Or you can upload the scene so I will check it on my machine...
  3. Hi; In Vellum , is it possible to change the shape of input geometry, over time? I have a line in my scene that grows (in length) over time, and I would like to use it in vellum-hair, but it seems that vellum just uses first frame. Thanks.
  4. Hello; I would like to create a scene (artist brush hairs collide with an oil color liquid) like an image below. I tried to make a collision between some vellum strings and a high viscose flip fluid, but it doesn't work. Is vellum suitable for this situation? Thanks for helping. Brush_02.hip
  5. Hello; In a particle sim, I would like particles to start to move (at a specified distance) toward an animated sphere and attach to its surface. I tried "POP Attract", "POP steer seek", "POP advect", without success! How can I achieve this particle behavior? Thanks for helping. Attractor_01.hip
  6. Hi, Henry The second one worked for me, very useful tips. Thanks.
  7. Hi "Tesan"; Honestly, I didn't get any useful things from the links you recommended
  8. How can I create a surface from two curves...?

    Thanks guys, very good points.
  9. Hi; I want to create a surface using two curves like the image below. Both curves are on the same plane (@P.Y = 0). What king of SOP should I use? Thanks for helping. Curve_01.hip
  10. Hi "Milad"; I tried "SOP Solver" + "POP Force" to solve this problem. Thanks.
  11. Hello; In a simple Flip simulation, I assigned an attribute (called "myAttrib") to the particles. Now I would like to change my attribute on some group of points over time. The "Gravity" node changes the position of particles, so I can't use "SOP Solver"... How can I change the attribute's value of (some) points, during the simulation? Thanks for helping. Flip_01.hip
  12. Hi"Szymon": Sorry, I was too busy so I didn't check my message box, but posting 1 of my 322 threads in a less-related section was just a very simple mistake, but unfortunately, as you know, your negative point will remain in my history forever as a picky reaction. best regards, Masoud.
  13. Collision jitter.

    Is your scene in real-world dimensions?
  14. Particle fluid covering a whole geometry

    I think you can increase "Viscosity", based on the age of particles.
  15. Delete points based on Ray Cast values ?

    Hi "Christopher", Do you mean that you want to delete a point if it doesn't contain an attribute? Something like this: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/attrib_suite#detail or this? : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/haspointattrib.html
  16. "Transform Pieces SOP" isuue...

    Hi Milad, Thank you for your advice and support.
  17. Hello; Please take a look at my file. In a simple RBD simulation I tried to transfer the animation from the Low-Res geometry to the High-Res one using " Transform Pieces SOP", but the resulting output is strange! How can fix it? Thanks for helping. RBD_01.hip
  18. Hello; In Houdini 16.5, I would like to add "viscosity" to a "Particle Fluid" simulation using a noise pattern, so in DOP I add a "POP-VOP" node (and AANoise in it ... ) after "Source Volume" which doesn't work. Where could I apply noise to the viscosity? Thanks for helping. Viscosity.hip
  19. I think I should use the "fit" because "Anti-Aliased Noise" creates an output from -0.5 to 0.5 and I also need the viscosity from 1 to 500.
  20. Hello; To create a very high-resolution footprint, I would like to transfer the color attribute from one geometry (from a box, or some sliding particles ) to another geometry ( a grid ), based on a UV texture map (UV on second object). This is something like creating a wet-map, and I don't want to scatter points on a surface to ... (I mean that I know that workflow). Actually I want to extract a very high-quality texture as output. Any idea? Thanks for helping.
  21. Hi " Tesan "; Thanks for the reply. I don't want to scatter extra points on a 2D surface, and I need to access a corresponding pixel in a UV texture when a point collides a primitive (surface).
  22. Hi " Konstantin "; Thanks for the reply. I don't want to use a 2D plane. Actually I need to access a corresponding pixel in a UV texture when a point collides a primitive (surface).
  23. Hi " Alejandro "; Thanks for the reply. I watched that tutorial and It uses points to transfer attributes, so the quality depends on the number of points...