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  1. Thank you "Tomas"
  2. Hello; In a simple vellum sim, I would like to break glue constraint between two animated objects, so in DOP, I add a "SOP Solver" to modify "breakthresholdscale" attribute over time, but it doesn't work. How can I break glued points, over time? Thanks for helping. Glue_01.hip
  3. Hi; After simulating a "Vellum Grains", how can I create a surface (volume) from it? Thanks for helping.
  4. Hello; I have two animated geometries in my scene as a vellum grain source. How can I separate them into two clusters, that each cluster follows it's target animated object? The main idea is to tear (cut) a geometry precisely into two-pieces, by animating each piece (something like cutting a croissant or a bread...). Thanks for helping. Glue_04.hip
  5. Hi "Vusta"; I tried to set up a scene exactly like yours, but the result is not the same! Can you help me to figure out what's wrong! Grain_Glue_06.hip
  6. You are awesome, Thanks.
  7. And can you send me this scene please, too? cause this is exactly what I want!
  8. Hi Vusta, awesome. Can you send me this scene, please?
  9. Hi "Tomas" Thank you for helping. It works fine, but: 1) Is there any other way to fix it ( Actually I can't understand how it works )? 2) How did you find out what you should put in the "Data Name" tab is " ConstraintGeometry " ?..! I mean how a user like me can come up with such a solution?!
  10. Solver SOP issue...

    Hi, "Tomas" I add a "SOP Solver" in the sim, and it works fine. Thanks.
  11. Hello; In a flip-fluid simulation, I would like to transfer color from a sphere to fluid, so I used "Solver SOP", but it just transfers the first frame of simulation to the output..! How can I fix this? Thanks for helping. Color_Transfer.hip
  12. Solver SOP issue...

    Hi " Andrii Belskyi " There is an "Attribute Transfer" inside it, that transfers color ...
  13. POP Fluid collision and thickness issue...

    Ok, so I increased sub-steps to 5. Thanks.
  14. Hi; I tried to use "POP Fluid" in my fluid simulation, but there are some issues: 1) The particles are shrinking to zero volume thickness. 2) They pass through the sidewall of the container when I animate its rotation! Thanks for helping. POP_Fluid_01.hip
  15. POP Fluid collision and thickness issue...

    Hi "el Doktor"; Increasing substep increases simulation time too. Is there any better solution?
  16. Hi; I would like to control the rotation of one object by another one, using CHOPs. My parent object rotation is on the "Y" axis, but the CHOP node, overrides rotation of the "X" axis..! How can I fit this? Thanks. CHOP.hip
  17. Hi, Today I solved the problem by enabling the "Export" flag on the last node. Thanks.
  18. Hi; Please take a look at my scene, I tried to test a very basic CHOP setup, so I applied a wave node to a sphere to move it, but it doesn't work! How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. CHOPs.hip
  19. "Lattice SOP" issue..!

    Hello; Please take a look at the image below. Why moving lattice points make this odd result? Thanks. Lattice_issue.hip
  20. Hi; I would like to create a VDB from a polygon (that contains UV texture) and after some deformations (like anti-alias noise), I would like to convert it back to polygon. I tried to transfer UV attribute from volume to deformed polygon by turning the "Transfer Surface Attribut" option ON, in "ConvertVDB SOP", but it doesn't work in some parts of the final result. Thanks for helping. uv_Volume.hip
  21. Hello; I would like to apply patterns like "Rings", "Stripes" or "Ripple" to a volume, using "Volume VOP", but it doesn't work. So, how can I fix this? Thanks for helping. Volume_Pattern_01.hip
  22. Hi Christopher, Do you mean you need to emit particles along a path, same as what you have as emitter shape?