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  1. Hi again; Finally I solved it, but now I would like to distort the shape using a noise. Any idea? Thanks. Volume_Pattern_02.hip
  2. Hi; As you can see in the image below, I scattered clusters of some points. How can I find the center of each cluster( each colony.)? Thanks for helping. CenterOfEachColoni_01.hip
  3. Thanks "Bonsak", good idea. But when I set "Output Attribute" to "Average Points", it shows some points that are not at the center of each cluster.
  4. Hi; I tried to use "sidefx Labs Path Deform", but the geometry follows only rough version of my curve, and itsn’t exactly placed on the path. How can I fix this? Thanks for helping. Test_A_01.hip
  5. I'm looking for some advanced POP fluid tutorial.

    Hi "Noobini", I have seen it before, and I'm looking for some more tutorials.
  6. Hi; I'm looking for some tutorial (advanced)about fluid simulation using POP fluid. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Thank you "Milad", but I'm looking for the best way to calculate the center of those clusters.
  8. Hello; When I use scattered points as a POP source, how can I apply velocity to some group of points, dynamically ( during frames, not just at the initial frame)? I know that I should apply the velocity force inside the DOP, but I don't know how Thanks for helping. Add_Velocity_to_particles_01.hip
  9. I think it gives me only the position of each point.
  10. Hello; I want to pass several different materials to several objects, using an id attribute. I add an "Assemble SOP" to create needed id and a Bind SOP in material network, to switch between shaders, but it doesn't work! Any ideas to fix it? Thanks for helping. Cards_01.hip
  11. Hi "davpe" I don't want to blend shaders. I would like to switch between different materials (They will be different in texture, reflection, and so on), based on an attribute like "ID". And as you can see in my scene, I want to change the number of scattered points and copies of objects. Actually it works when I use the same workflow to assign different "colors" as input of one "principled shader". Cheers.
  12. My wire simulation issue...

    Hello; I have some lines in my simple " Wire " DOP, and I want them to act as soft elastic tubes. I don't know why they bend up, instead of bending down! So, how can I fix this? Thanks for helping. WireLines_01.hip
  13. Hi; In a multi pieces geometry, how can I transfer attributes like UV, piece by piece? Actually I need to UV each piece procedurally in a fixed (rest) version of geometry, and then transfer UVs to deformed version of each piece. Thanks for helping. Transfer_UV_Piece by Piece.hip
  14. How can I create thin streams of fluid?

    Thank you "Librarian", that seems a good point to start.
  15. Hello; I would like to create a colored fluid, with thin streams like the image below. I added some velocity noises to simulation, but the result is poor. Thanks for helping. Colored_Fluids_01.hip
  16. Thanks "Konstantin" and "Librarian". Why we don't use UV output of the "Geometry VOP Global" node?
  17. Hi; Does anyone have experience in working with VOP nodes like Boxes, Rings, Round Stars, Strips, Tiled Boxes, (in SOP context) ...? I can't figure out how to work with these nodes. Thanks.
  18. Hi "Librarian", In that tutorial, Ari Danesh uses everything but Boxes, Rings, Round Stars, Strips, Tiled Boxes ...