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  1. Hello; Please take a look at image bellow. I would like to set an object's shading to Matte shading so that it shows background image and acts as a hole. When I turn ON matte, it renders background in black color (instead of background). I tried several presets in "Render Visibility" slot, without success. Thanks for helping.
  2. In final step, I'll use post to composite background, but when I need to test my scene, I would like to see the background in Houdini renders.
  3. Hello; I would like to render a COP as background color of my camera. I set: op:/img/comp1/Gradient_OUT in my camera background image tab, but it doesn't works. Any idea? Thanks.
  4. Hello guys; How can I control Min/Max values of an "Attribute Randomize", by adding a "Ramp" channel to it? I add these codes to min tab: chramp("../att-ret/",0,0) ... and these codes to max tab: chramp("../att-retime/",1,0) but it doesn't work. Thanks for helping.
  5. Hello; Is there any SOP node, or VEX function that can check if it's connected input object is a Curve or Volume or Polygon or Nurbs ...? Thanks.
  6. Thanks LucaScheller; But when I render it, this background is not included in rendered image
  7. I changed path to a relative path and now it works. Thanks everyone.
  8. Hello guys; I want to read value of a parameter of a SOP node, inside a wrangle. Is it possible? Thanks.
  9. Hi; When I rename a "Cop2Plane" node, Houdini doesn't shows the picture, and I should close and re-open Houdini to show it again ! What is wrong? Is this a bug? Thanks.
  10. But it is just in view-port, not in render!
  11. Hi; There is a tutorial (by Peter Quint: https://vimeo.com/165759524) about peeling effect using cloth... I would like to make same thing using Vellum Cloth. The problem is I don't know how to unpin geometry points from target animation during frames. (Here I attached my files) I would appreciate any ideas. Vellum2.mov Vellum_Test_01.hip
  12. Hi; I attached a grid to last point of my wire object using point wrangle. Now the grid follows that point's position, but how can I force it to follow rotation, too? Thanks for helping. Wire.hip
  13. Hi; When I render my test fire scene, it only shows smoke in Alpha channel and I can't see flames. Any idea? Thanks.
  14. What is the best way to remesh?

    Hi; In Houdini, what is the best way to remesh a geometry, to achieve a clean model and edge-flow, like Remesher in Zbrush? I tried "VDB from polygon" and "GameDev Instant Meshes", but I didn't get the results I wanted. Thanks.
  15. Hello; Please take a look at image bellow. When I add background to my camera, some artifacts appears in middle of my fire. When I turn off background, fire is OK. I can't figure out why camera's background image rises this problem. Thanks for helping.
  16. Hi; I would like to use "Turbulent Noise" as a displacement texture in my material, but it doesn't works properly, why? My goal is to achieving a displacement output like this link: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/45673/?page=1 Thanks for helping. Displacement.hip
  17. Hello; In Mantra, is it possible to render a region, in sequence? Thanks.