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  1. Mantra 1 is for the schene, mantra 2 is only for the sparks. I think i stay low, but render time is so long...
  2. This is the positioning. How you can see, there is many lights: 14 fix lights and olso every generated bolt is a source of lights.
  3. Processor: intel i7 4770 3.4GHz Ram: Corsair dominator platinum 16Gb DDR3 1866MHz Sorry but i prefer not to share the scene file; i can share an image with the position of the lights, object and fx, but not today because i need to reinstall houdini.
  4. Materials are very simple. There is a custom texture on the sphere, i assigned a slightly reflective gray material to the ground and deformations of the ground have a black material. Bolts have a colored light assigned. For the scene i would like to simulate a street with two rows of street lamps on the sides. It's my first try to render with houdini, so i dont know how to manage the settings.
  5. I will have to do 2 render separated. One with sphere, bolts and ground deformation, and another render with sparks. 387sparks.tif 387total.tif
  6. Ok I'll try. Rerendering a single frame will take almost a day, but i'll try. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a scene with some effects and i would try to render it. The problem is that every frame each frame spend hours to be rendered. How can i set render settings to speed up rendering process?
  8. Hi, i have a dubt. In the Solver node, there is "Prev_frame" that keeps track of where the object was in previous frame. It's possible to change frame by frame the position in "Prev_frame" using a pointVOP inside the solver? Thanks.
  9. Hi all. I'm making a lightning FX generated by a sphere. My problem is that i would move a sphere but, if i try, the generated lightnings do not follow the sphere. They are created in the sphere current position, but after they don't move following the sphere. I suppose it is the fault of the solver node that control lightning life, but i don't know how to do. I'm following This tutorial (http://lesterbanks.com/2016/12/build-custom-lightning-solver-houdini/) to learn, but he does not want to move the object, so for him is not a problem.
  10. Ok i really thank you for the help! I tried and it works! Really thank you!
  11. Ok, i suppose that I have to connect my two streams in the first and second imput of attributewrangle, right? Sorry my ignorance... And furthermore, if i would to delete the longest line of a certain value, how can select these line? (line created with the connection of points)
  12. Hi, i've two geometry with a scatter node applied and i wont connect these point using an add node by color attribute create with a color node after scatter node. so... geo 1 geo2 scatter1 scatter2 color1 color2 merge add Now i need to calculate the distance between the connected poit. How can I do? Thanks
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