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  1. VR Camera Maya to Houdini

    Hello Houdini Artists! I've been working on a 360 video that needs some houdini FX, and I was wondering if it's possible to match a 360 camera from Maya in Houdini. I tried changing the settings of the imported camera from perspective to cylindrical and polar, and also tried creating to a Houdini VR camera, but that one didn't match the Maya one. Are we missing something? Any ideas? If you have a second, here are the files I am trying to match: environment_for_Smoke_test_v004.obj VR_CAM.fbx Plomo_VRCamera.ma PlomoVR_Smoke_v015_cameraTest.hipnc
  2. Bubble burst effect

    Hello guys! I've been working on a really good tutorial by Hernan Llano about the use of normals to control fluid simulations such as a splash. I'm trying to create my own project and I thought of replicating a bubble popping, like in the references. So far I have the splash effect from Hernan's tutorial, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make the bubble gradually disappear while having the splash happening. I'm just wondering how would you guys make a bubble burst?
  3. Dust Effect

    Thanks James!! It worked!! One other question if you don't mind, have you ever emitted particles from an animated Alembic file?
  4. Dust Effect

    Hello! I'm working on putting dust on the tires of a car as it speeds. This is probably the dumbest question but, what precisely do you control the direction of the smoke effect? I don't want it to go up, I want it to be static until a collision happens. Please help, -Alex
  5. importing Mocap Data

    Hello guys! I've been struggling for a while to figure out how to bring capture data with a mesh in houdini. I have the capture data as an fbx file. It was exported from motion builder as an fbx with the mesh but when I import it in Houdini it shows me the mesh without the animation. Any ideas on how to fix this? thxs -Alex