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  1. Large Convolution Kernel?

    well, i need something like that: -h4 0 -h3 0 -h2 0 -h1 0 h1 0 h2 0 h3 0 h4 it is simple single row, but 15 column kernel. How it would be possible to do it in vex? Thanks!
  2. Large Convolution Kernel?

    I need to use hilbert transform on images. but it is rather large kernel, while cop's default kernel is 9 x 9. Is there a way to get a larger kernel (maybe with wex) without getting into sdk? Thanks Zveris There was no start for his talents.... (T.Pratchett)
  3. displacement artefacts?

    Thanks mate, missed it.
  4. hi, have a problem - when I create large displacements I get artefacts - black areas or missing areas in renderer. Now in maya I know that would be bounding box issue, and I would scale that up. But in mantra I can't find anything like that. Any ideas? Thanks zveris
  5. help with point color backing

    thanks guys, figured that one out, my uv's where point attribute not vertex. zveris
  6. I would like to bake point color to texture. Now I know that there is a command for mantra -u - which suppose to do just that. But I dont get anything out of it. Any ideas? zveris
  7. Sibarrick, thanks for reply and idea. Sounds good, but could you help me out here with this looping trough the points bussines. Suppose in vex editor I put two imprt atribut nodes, to get colors from the grids, I wire them to compare node. What should I use from that point? Whcich node will make a loop trough the points? thanks again
  8. hi, is there a way to look at pic in COP, find a pixel with specific color and move point to the uv location of that pixel? Suppose I have a grid on SOP's, where every point has custom attribute corresponding to some color. Now I want to load image sequence and the points in the grid should move to the corresponding colors in the image sequence. Any ideas highly appreciated.
  9. Is there a way in point sop to set the up vector attribute to be oriented along one of the connected edges, specificly along the edge going to point with the smallest ID nr? Zveris
  10. Hi, is there a way to define in VOPs your own coordinate space for point? Say I would like to state local point coordinates where z is point normal, x is a tangent to zet and y is a cross product of former two. How can I do that? I need it as a sop op, to describe the motion in local point coordinates but not in world coordinates. Thanks
  11. expression help -looping?

    thanks edward, that seemes to work. Indeed, if to check spreadsheat the values are adding nicely up and all. So it is fine. Thank you very much. Just one last question and I feel stupid to ask - why I cant read thosse new uv's to point sop? Which ever way I try - feeding as a second input in point sop, transfering attribure, making ch expression - nothing happens, although I see in spread sheat nicely animated uv attributes in popnet, they seem to be not transferable to poin sop. Thanks again. zveris
  12. expression help -looping?

    interesting ideas, but how I can use simulation or pop's to drive uv's?With the transformation in uv space? I'm confused.
  13. expression help -looping?

    Thanks Jason, this is a nice trick for onion skinning. But I dont think it helps in my case. Your net allows to look get the data from the previous frame, but I still don't know how to compute the data. Consider this - on fr1 I have u and v(UV0) coordinates for a point. I displace those coordinates using r value of the image at those uv coordinates and result is UV1.So we go to frame two where new texture map will give the next displacement value, but the problem is that $MAPU $MAPV in a point sop will not read UV1 but UV0, which gives incorect result. My point is - I have a seequence of images describing motion not in absolute meening but incrementaly , therefore I want uv's to move to new possition to get next motion increment. I hope it makes sense, and I hope somebody can come with some idea for it, I'm getting totaly out of my mind here. zveris
  14. I have a question about expression I wan to change uv positions with image map, and to do that on per frame base. So if I do expression $MAPU +(tex("mysequence$F.pic" ,$MAPU, $MAPV, r) I'm getting innitial uv possition plus r value of currient frame, which is fine for the first frame, but not for the rest of the frames, where I would like to have previous frame uv possition plus value. So how do I write this expression? Help would be realy appreciated Aivaras
  15. Hi, I'm a bit lost here, never was that good with math anyway How can I use bitmap hue to get motion direction and luminance for distance?Both values comes from different maps. Actualy how do I conver hue to x and y vectors? Thanks for help zveris